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JH Audio JH5pro thread

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  1. dimensiid
    After JH Audio sent me a replacement unit with the corrected clear faceplates...[​IMG]
  2. kernel8888
    I'm sorry Spyro but having the jh5 with the jh16 and then the jh5 with the jh13 (both 13 and 16 freqphase) the jh5 is much closer to the 13. The 5 has less mid bass and sub bass than 16. The bass gets in the way of the music on the 16 in some situations, but not with the 13 or 5. The 5 might have a bit more forward mids than the 13, but a bit thinner bass, not quite as much sparkle and less holographic than the 13. But overall more close to the 13 than 16 due to balance and neutrality.
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  3. Spyro
    I had original 13 and I like the way you describe it.   It reminded me a lot of IE800.  Terrific deep sub bass but a very reserved mid bass which allows the treble to come through beautifully but I found it a colder more analytical sound. 
    With JH5 I heard more overall bass than 13 but it was more midbass and not so much sub bass.  Treble not nearly as revealing as the 13 but very adequate.  Overall a more fun, but raw kind of sound.  Getting the very most out of two drivers.
    I agree the 16 has quite a bit of mid bass (and sub) which takes away from the high end articulation and it's warm and lush.  It's probably closer to a Westone sound.
    But it's probably been 5 years.  I would love to hear 13 and 16 again.  I thought the punchier mid bass of JH5 reminded me more of the 16 but I understand your description as well.  Perhaps someone else can share their experience. 
  4. kernel8888
    its definitely fun to see how others perceive sound, but I difinately agree with the "raw" description of the jh5. I think that is spot on, and not RAW as in unrefined, but some paradoxical feat of aggressive raw sound, at the same time remaining musical and without any harshness. Part of the lack of harshness is due to a bit less reveling treble, but I love the presentation as a whole. Biggest shortcoming of the jh5 is the soundstage, but overall I think that the jh5 is one of the best mid fi iem available!
  5. luke1983uk
    I have 450 pounds to spend and after selling all my old gear I am now in the market to buy some IEM’s
    I listen to mainly heavy country the rocky stuff, and review music for a uk country website, but I would love to use them as often as possible, gym, work, gaming and for movies if I get the chance.
    I love the bass infused sound, the kind of sound you experience at a live stadium theatre that you can feel
    ive narrowed it down to the JH5's, The Westone UM Pro 50 and the Aurisonics harmony, you guys know your stuff what will suit my taste more?  any help is really appreciated
  6. Spyro
    If you afford it and universal fit is normally easy for you Pro50 is the way to go.  I love my JH5 but Pro50 is another level up.
  7. fallingreason

    I second this.  At times I even prefer the Westone 3's to the JH5.  But not often :)
  8. luke1983uk
    Wow, I honestly didn't see this being the answer, love your honesty guys, I've gone back and forth all night, least I'm now getting somewhere, really appreciated

    Last question what makes you feel that the pro 50 would be the better choice over the jh5? I'm literally about to hit the purchase button
  9. zaintachik
    I lost my JH5, i didnt even have time to burn it in. Im so pissed with myself
  10. Vitor Valeri
    The only thing I see that the pro 50 would be better is the question of the sale, it is easier to sell compared to a custom earphone. I tried the Westone 4, I found the sound of it very good, near the JH5, but with less soundstage and a little less detail . I still want my JH5 for comfort, noise isolation, sound quality and easy to insert in the ear.

  11. kernel8888
    you found the westone 4 to have less soundstage than jh5? that was 1 of 2 areas I find the westone 4/4r/w40 to excel over the jh5 is soundstage size, holographic imaging, as well as westones also having a little thicker lush note's in the mids. The only fault I have found on the jh5 is the soundstage and imaging, where it can come off as a little more 2d than the higher end jh models and westone's. Not to say the jh5 is bad in that regard, but I think that the westone 4 is exceptionally good- almost completely closing the gap one the angies for soundstage and imaging... almost...
  12. Vitor Valeri
    I tested the Westone 4 and JH5 (JH5 with cable Effect Audio Ares) with the following equipment:
    amp ALO The Island + Macbook Pro

    I really realized in these conditions that the JH5 did better in the soundstage.
  13. Spyro

    Wow!  I agree 100%.  I will just add that JH5 is a bit rawer sounding (less refined)...I agree about the 2D factor above versus 3+ driver IEM's....but also JH5 is a more fun sound.  Really punchy bigger bass and a bit brighter.  W4 more laid back and smoother.  If I could only have one I would take the JH5.
  14. Ivabign

    I am a big fan of The Island - All my JH Audio headphones match well with it.
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  15. luke1983uk

    spyro, so you/I have two options the
    Westone UM Pro 50 Universal or the JH5 Pro Custom
    what do you go for?
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