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JH Audio JH5pro thread

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  1. goodvibes
    Spyro is just partial to the w3/w30 series and prefers them to better Westones as well. He finds the added bass sig more natural than others do. He likes jh16 balance over jh13 balance for instance and jh13s already have more bass than UERM etc. He may be right for some but best to listen for yourself. 
  2. JamesTunsteli
    Well my Jh5s are coming tomorrow and I'm so excited!!! But to be honest I truly don't know what to expect. I hope it lives up to all the hype!!
  3. Vitor Valeri
    How about you do a live broadcast when the JH5 arrive to see your reaction? [​IMG]
  4. JamesTunsteli
    I would do a YouTube video or something but I'm coming down from a severe food so my voice is is pretty much gone.. 
  5. CocaCola15
    Not hype, just a solid value in entry level customs. For all know there may be better values now, but I've only heard universals and the ones I tried could not outperform the jh5. So hype is not a thing here, just a fantastic dual BA CIEM is all. If you look back you will find few if any rips on the Jh5. That speaks for itself.
  6. cj3209

    I agree as well (I've owned a JH-5 for four years now).  I've tried some very good universal IEMs such as Heir Audio 8.0 and although they are very good, most of them are double the price of the JH-5s.  Even in JH's own line, I don't think the JH-13s (for example) are 2.5 times better than the 5s.
    Add some decent cables and the JH-5 will sing.  :)
  7. JamesTunsteli
    I meant hype as in people say they are pretty good lol plus the only decent pair of headphones I have are the Vmoda M-80 so when I hear them i hope to cry with joy!
  8. JamesTunsteli
    I finally got em guys!! But are the bores supposed too look this?!? 20150727_145623.jpg
  9. alv4426
    What's wrong with them? Looks normal to me
  10. JamesTunsteli
    Oh ok just making sure because they sound bloody awesome!
  11. Vitor Valeri
    Are two holes to channel sound, this is normal. Inside there is a bigger tube and a shorter at the output.
    You are really enjoying the sound? [​IMG]

  12. JamesTunsteli
    The sound is really good! But I was expecting a little more low end punch.
  13. Vitor Valeri
    The JH5 has a bass with good impact, however improved with better quality cable or an amplifier.
  14. shadye
    that's awesome, you get em so quick! how do you feel about the fit and comfort? And are you overall satisfied with the value of the purchase?
  15. JamesTunsteli
    The fit and comfort are superb and after a few minutes I don't even know their in!! Plus the sound is amazing too. But the sad thing is I'm the type of person that constantly wants to upgrade so when when black Friday comes around I may let Roxanne into my life. Lol Maybe I'm moving too fast? The Jh5 are great!
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