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JH Audio JH5pro thread

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  1. Kris45
    i've just ordered mine today as well...but might take sometime to reach USA and back to BKK Thailand...
  2. Vitor Valeri
    It will take three months or more.
  3. shadye
    Hey, are you guys happy with your JH5s? Are they still worth getting? Also, do they require any amping? I will be running them on my iPod classic generation 5.5 (it has a good wolfsen dac). What amp would you recommend?
  4. Vitor Valeri
    I am very happy with my JH5. Very worth it, was the Earphone with better cost-benefit I ever heard. The CIEM does not need amplification, it is very sensitive. But plays even better amp. If you really want to try, I recommend the FiiO E12A or Headamp Pico Slim. But I tell you that if you want something portable, I recommend instead of buying an amplifier, buy a better cable such as Effect Audio Ares or Plus Sound Exo Series Copper.

  5. shadye
    Thanks for the quick reply! How do you feel about the isolation, can you hear cars on the road or do they completely isolate? and are they more comfortable than universal iems? 
  6. Vitor Valeri
    They can completely isolate the sound. Just can not completely isolate if you are in a well noisy buses in the city. They are much more comfortable that universal IEMs!
  7. Vitor Valeri
    Complete isolation:

    Walking down the street
    In the office
    At home
    In the gym
    Traveling by car (even with the car stereo on)
    Traveling by plane
    Traveling by executive bus
  8. shadye
    awesome, will be ordering this monday! getting the opaque white color with the clear cables can't wait. 
  9. pretend
    Since Spyro has stated of how the w30s  beat the jh5 in terms of sound, can anyone compare the two? Of course the fit for the jh5s will be better but I do wonder about sound quality.
  10. JamesTunsteli
    That's awesome dude!! I ordered mine about two weeks ago and they get here Monday!! I'm more than excited!
  11. Vitor Valeri
    You already have JH5? They sent the CIEM for you after two weeks ?? If so, post photos! I've never seen a wait time as short to get ready.

  12. shadye

    2 weeks? That's crazy fast, not sure when mine will be getting here, I'm in Canada so it will probably take a little longer. I'm curious to see your initial impressions and pictures of course!
  13. JamesTunsteli
    I will most defiantly post pictures and initial impressions when they get here on Monday!! As far as turnaround time I was rather surprised with two weeks also. Maybe it's because I'm a musician (probably not)? I also have to note that the customer service was spectacular, so good in fact that some how I felt like I've known Jerry and the crew for years!
  14. CocaCola15
    I've had mine for more than 4 years and they came in a week. This was before the higher end JHA explosion, but that's all it took. Still top two best phones I have. Those and the Fidelio X1 full size. Nothing could knock the JH5 off its perch.
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  15. proedros
    is this true ?
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