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JH Audio JH5pro thread

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  1. JamesTunsteli
    I about to purchase the Jh5s and I am so I am so excited but I don't know what to expect as the only pair of decent headphones I have are Vmoda m80's. I'd be delighted if you guys would share your experiences of how it felt to receive your customs and how awesome it was to first hear them! Thanks!
  2. cj3209

    I'd had mine for a few years now.  They are 80% of the JH-11s @ $399 and the best value in the JH line - my opinion, of course.  If you add better cables such as moon audio silver dragons, they'll sound even better.  You might also want to try the comply IEM wraps that help with the seal.
    I did upgrade to the Angies at over three times the price of the JH-5s but the sound is heavenly - law of diminishing returns, right?  What the Angies offer over the JH-5s are better sound staging (3-D presence), a deeper and more controlled bass presence, and overall balance that seems more realistic/accurate than the JH-5s.  
  3. JamesTunsteli
    Thanks CJ!! Good to know I'm about to make a wise purchase!
  4. Spyro
    I have had my JH5's for about 6 years now.  Still original cable which is ugly green from oxidization.  Best $400 I ever spent in audio and SURELY the best bang for buck IEM in the entire JH product like.  It is the poor man's JH16 no doubt.
  5. JamesTunsteli
    Thanks Spyro! I'm really trying hard to not buy the best I can afford right now because it's my first pair but.. Roxanne is looking really good right now!!
  6. Vitor Valeri
    I got my JH5 is two years. This year I tried the demo models top-line Unique Melody (Merlin, Miracle and Mentor) and I had more certainty yet that the best Cost x Benefit is JH5 considering its price.

    Also reiterate that the CJ said, with better cables it is spectacular! Even I did a review describing how was the sound after purchasing the Audio Effect Ares: http://www.head-fi.org/products/effect-audio-occ-pure-copper-ares/reviews/12420
  7. Spyro
    Yes, I have heard that a JH5 with a TWAG cable and a decent amp is the best set-up under $800.
    My JH5 even unamped keeps up easily with triple and quad drivers.
  8. JamesTunsteli
    Next week I'm going to get my impressions done and the suspense is killing me!!!
  9. alv4426
    I think the JH5 + TWag (I forget what model exactly I had) with Headamp Pico Power is my favorite headphone combo Ive ever had including full size. It was probably very close to being technically best as well. Definitely the best investment I made on headfi, fit issues finally made me sell though after 3+ years. 
  10. JamesTunsteli
    What do you mean "fit issues"? What was wrong?
  11. Vitor Valeri
    The pre-mold of the ear canal went wrong and he did not want to make a reshell. In my case the mold came out perfect and I did not have the earphone for JH Audio make adjustments.
  12. JamesTunsteli
    Wow good to hear (no pun intended) I hope mine come back perfect too! I'm even driving 30 miles to go to a JHAudio recommended audiologist. Now I know this is like comparing apples to oranges but how does the Jh5 compare to The Vmoda M80 or like headphones?
  13. Vitor Valeri
    I never hear the V-Moda. And because it is a closed headphone must have a smaller soundstage. Regarding taking the prints, I think this text a page on facebook published will serve you:
    "What's up with the foam thing in my teeth for ear impressions?"
    Using a "bite block" is one of the most important things to get proper impressions taken, especially for a singer. Based on the position of the jaw during a live performance, the seal in the ear canal with the in ear monitor can be lost with a mouth open wide - or even a smile. As we've discussed, proper fit is essential in getting the best sound. With that said, maintaining the coupling with your canal is part of what makes your custom in-ears sound so good.
    The bite block allows the impressions to be taken with the jaw opened in such a way that it re-creates the position of an open-mouthed singer. Even drummers and guitar players tend to open their mouth during a live show.
    By putting the bite block in between your teeth during impression process it allows the them to be taken at the open point where most people lose the seal. This way the seal can be more evenly maintained throughout your entire performance thereby providing better sound.
    It's a good idea to look at both photographs and your own reflection in the mirror with your performance positioned open jaw in "live mode" prior to having your impressions taken. This way, you'll have a better idea of how wide your jaw needs to be open to achieve your best possible your impressions.
    At EAR4U Hearing Centers in South Florida, and for all manufactures based on their own requirements and specifications, we like to take impressions that go beyond the second turn/bend in the ear and fill the exterior to include the helix/concha in order to get the most accurate fit for you.
    And video:

    PS: If it is not possible to use a biteblok use your fingers (two fingers). I used my fingers and it worked in my case.
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  14. JamesTunsteli
    Thanks Victor I'll make sure to use a bite block for sure. It's probably even more important for me as I'm also a singer.
  15. JamesTunsteli
    Well today is a special day! I officially ordered my JH5s so now it's time for the waiting game..
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