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JH Audio JH5pro thread

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  1. fallingreason

    Depends on your preferences. Those have different sounds.
  2. goodvibes
  3. Vitor Valeri
    About the delay in opening the package that many are complaining (Watch the video below), sorry about that. Unfortunately I had technical problems to open this ******* package.
    Changing the subject, recently bought the cable Ares made by Effect Audio for JH5 in order to make the mids most warm and the trebles more bright. He came to me is about two weeks and done what I wanted and more! The bass won more texture, increased the sound stage, the sound in general gained more definition.

  4. Vitor Valeri
  5. Vitor Valeri
    I discovered that the cable stock Westone plays better than the cable stock of JH Audio. The cable JH Audio has a thinner bass, the cable leaves more aggressive sound. While the cable Westone bass has more expansion and treble and mid treble is more rounded say. The JH5 to my ears with Westone cable became more musical.
  6. January3rd
    Hello, please pardon my intrusion into this thread, and I hope this question doesn't come across as absurd to you guys.

    I have a question regarding the JH5's SQ in comparison to a most likely (or hopefully) inferior IEM, the Xiaomi Pistons (2).
    If this sounds like comparing beef jerky to filet mignon, then I'm in a good place! If this is in reality more like comparing roast beef to smoked turkey... then that's what I want to clarify.
    You see, for years I had skullcandy ink'd's as my main IEM, which isn't really a very accurate way to listen to music. But at some point last year, research made clear that there were bigger fish in the sea, and further study brought the wonderful Pistons to my attention. They were such a large step up from the skullcandies that I could near had a heart attack. I could hardly believe SQ like that existed. 
    So when I found out about custom IEMs, curiosity was greatly peaked. Yet many of them are far out of my price range. Most of them, in fact. But not necessarily the JH5s. They are somewhere, if barely, in the field of potential prices I can consider. That leaves this user here with the question:

    How good are the JH5's in comparison to the Xiaomi Pistons? Is the difference as grand as I could idealistically imagine? Or is it something less drastic?

    Or alternatively: Is there a CIEM in that $400 range that happens to be better than the JH5s?
  7. entah
    I'm currently using jh5, and planning to upgrade the stock cable to whiplash twag-twcu hybrid cable.
    Has anyone tried this cable for jh5?
  8. Vitor Valeri
    What results you crave with the change of the cable? You want to improve what the sound? I do not know about the cable in question, but I know Effect Audio Ares, and worked very well for me.
  9. Spyro
    Twag cable creates a great change.  Much more treble detail and resolution.  JH5 is already pretty bassy so its a nice compliment.
  10. entah
    just received my twag+twcu hybrid cable and it sounds great, it adds more treble extension and resolution, though it's a bit heavy since it's 8 braid
  11. Vitor Valeri
    I prefer 4 braids exactly because of the weight. I like comfort when I walk in the street with JH5. In this aspect I have nothing to complain about the Effect Audio Ares, it is very light.
  12. Vitor Valeri
    Another pictures of my JH5
    Album on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/58434342@N06/sets/72157644351221820/
  13. Bazirker
    Dude nice photos!!!!
  14. Vitor Valeri
    Thanks for the compliment. [​IMG]
  15. hera

    This is a very interesting question and I'd love to answer it. I've had a JH5 for about 4 years, and only recently heard the pistons. I'm not sure about the others, but I usually ignore universals unless something cool pops up. By cool I mean like Dita Audio or Shure 846 kinda territory. So when I listened to the Pistons for the first time, I was shocked. I'm like wow, how can such a cheap earphone sound SO good? It was no JH5 but completely enjoyable in its own right. In comparison, I'd say the Pistons is like good roast beef and JH5 is the perfectly cooked filet mignon. Skullcandies are the jerky. To me there's no drastic difference except the JH5's lovely sound signature. 
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