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JH Audio JH5pro thread

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  1. Spyro
    Yes, well said.  I agree.
    For the entire 2012 I had JH5 and W3.  Really hard to compare the 2 and take anything away from it because the W3 is a universal.
    Generally, I would rate them even.  I loved the W3 for the large soundstage and big full sound while still getting plenty treble detail.  The JH5 was also very full sounding and had just as much treble and even a better midrange but the soundstage was a bit smaller so I call it a draw.  JH5 are my workout headphones (almost 3 years now!) and W3 are for everything else.   But SE535 may beat them both with my UM56 tips.
  2. proedros
    help me out here guys if you have 2' [​IMG]
    I am thinking of buying a used JH5 , after being a UIEM person for the last 3 years
    does it have a good synergy with the J3 ? i could also amp it with an arrow 4G
    also , i seem to be a more neutral/analytical type , RE-272 being my favourite iem so far
    will I enjoy the JH5 sound signature ? i know that this CIEM seems to be more on the fun area
    last but not least , how much would a reshell/refit cost me ? (not exact figure , just a rough estimate)

    thanx in advance to whoever reads and takes some time to answer me [​IMG]
  3. lin0003
    I don't own the JH5, but a reshell from UM will cost around $200 and from other companies around $100. However, the quality will not be as good as UM's.
  4. rawrster
    I find that the JH5 sounds good out of pretty much everything and that the J3 isn't a picky player so most earphones sounds good. The J3 and JH5 I have no issues with. I find that at $400 or so the JH5 is a very good deal and the best $400 purchase I have made in this hobby.
    As far as sound I also used to be a neutral/analytical type but I can enjoy different kinds of signatures. The JH5 may be considered "fun" but it is not overly so. I consider it slightly warm with a bit of a bass boost but it's nothing like say a HD650 imo. The JH5 is something that does many things well and is very inoffensive where it's hard for someone not to like it.
    A reshell cost varies on how much impressions cost as well as where you get it done. Typically I've seen prices int he $150-250 range. I really wouldn't buy  a used JH5 unless it was under $100 and even then I may not go for it. The price you save won't be that much different than new in most cases.
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  5. proedros
    rawster , you are a very nice gentleman

    thanx for taking the time to give this input
    ps : is there a chance that these will sound just fine without a reshelling / refit ?
  6. shotgunshane Contributor
    There's always a chance but highly unlikely you get a proper and comfortable seal.
    The cheapest, well known reseller now is Inearz, who appear to have really improved their shell quality, and it is $150 for a ciem reshell. Many charge over $200.
  7. fallingreason

    Don't buy a used jh5, it's not worth giving up the warranty and tuning JHA does for your molds and sound tubes. If you can wait 2 months you can snag a pair for 325 at their Black Friday sale. I love them with my J3, no amp needed. The JH5 are monitors so you can pretty much EQ them to whatever you like; monitors Are meant to be tweaked.
  8. Bazirker
    I second everyone else saying to buy them new.  There is virtually no chance they will fit or sound fine without needing a reshelling.
  9. goodvibes
    Too bad there's no easy way to put a universal tip on them. 
  10. proedros
    i came to the same conclusion as you gentlemen last night - without the warranty , there is no point in buying a used one however cheap
    maybe i will wait for a sale or something on JHA when the price falls
    thanx for the feedback , kudos to you all [​IMG]
  11. Bazirker
    CanJam is in a week, and even if you aren't in attendance, you might be able to sweet talk a deal since they always run specials there...

    Edit: sorry, two weeks
  12. PleasantNoise
    After receiving faulty JH5's from JH-audio, emailing JH-audio about the problem, receiving pre-written computer determined response, and then
    going through the repair process, sending them back at my expense,
    waiting for weeks, receiving my 'repaired' iems back, only to find the problem not fixed in anyway, During this time I received no emails, or other contact from 
    JH-audio, I also emailed them after 3 weeks enquiring what was wrong with my iems, and how the process was going. No reply to that email, ever.
    Obviously I was pretty pissed off at this point in time, so I tracked down and emailed every single staff memeber with an email address on the website.
    I told them about my experience with JH-audio, their product, level of communication, how their repair process had gone, and where I now stood. I told them
    how I felt about the whole deal, and asked them how they would remedy this problem, I even offered a few solutions to them.
    This time I received 2 emails back within 12 hours, all different, one from repairs, apologizing, and saying a pre-paid fedex label would be sent to me straight away,
    and that I need not fill out a repair form this time,
    The second email, was that pre-paid fedex label, a short apology, and details of using the prepaid fedex label.
    With the iems I sent back, I included a note, asking if they repair lab might send me an email, or a note telling me what was wrong with my iems, and how they fixed
    it, how their 'testing' works, and how it missed the issues with my iems, twice, And how they might go about remedying these issues.
    No reply. No contact from JH-audio.
    Now for the 3rd time I receive my JH5-pros. This time they work fine, They sound great, They are far superior in comfort and sound to my Shure srh940's,
    sennheiser cbx-300 and sennheiser HD598's.
    At the end of all this, I have a working, what I hope is a quality product, Time will judge that.
    So when a friend approached me and asked about my JH5-pros, he asked where, and how I got them, who made them, and how they sounded.
    I told him 'They sound great, They are made by JH-audio. but I wouldn't recommend you purchase them'
    He asked: 'Why?'
    I told him that the product in no way makes up for the overall customer experience I received. That in no way could I honestly say I will ever be satisfied with my
    JH5-pros, purely because my impression of them is forever tarnished by my experience as a customer. No-one can change the past. I will never purchase
    a product from JH-Audio again, and I will have nothing to do with them as a company, Mistakes happen, I understand, How those mistakes are dealt with is
    a real tell of a companies worth in my experience.
    I used to work in a supermarket. As a member of a customer service team, we work under 2 moto's, fast, effecient and accurate, and 'every customer, everytime'
    Because the whole reputation of the company rests in each and every customer we served, One unsatisfied customer can result in loss of a much larger number of
    customers, It harms the companies name. That was a supermarket I was happy working in, I was happy with the way customers smiled when they received excellent
    service, and when they came back again and told us so.
    That supermarket served around 10,000 customers a day. in 8 months of work there, one complaint about the store was made. just 1. that's one customer that was unsatisfied
    with our service out of 2,400,000 customers.
    If a supermarket can function to that level, a small, custom audio company should be able to operate to a much higher standard of service. That is how I feel.
    That is not a review of a product, but of the company behind it.
  13. goodvibes
    I'd rather have some JH5s after a send back or 2 than a well made Mixer.[​IMG] Fill out the repair form and return or call and you'll get a response. It's well known that Email is not the best way to contact them. Their fault but not a big deal. I just don't understand why when one avenue of contact isn't working well, folks seem to want to prove something by doing it over and over again. They're not perfect but you now have a great sounding and fitting pair of CIEMs that cost very little.[​IMG]
    It's a stinking headphone or tool that needs custom work done. Not a piece of flawed jewelry or super market one size fits all commodity.
     If you can't get past it, sell or pitch them so you don't have to suffer that anxiety every time you look at them. I would think the $400 not worth that type of extreme angst. If not, this was just a get even post.
    Saying you had issues is valid and welcome but the the vitriol and indignation over those circumstances, even though regrettable, is a bit over the top. Sounds like they admitted and responded.
    It's unfortunately and universally often a part of a CIEM purchase. I had to send my JH13s back for an adjustment as well. I just called Caleb to discuss for 5 min as I wanted to verify my idea was appropriate, went through the online form and had them back in about 10 days with shipping during a busy period without any further contact. I was quite happy with it just as is. I tried not to over engage them as it just keeps them off task for what is often just hand holding.
    What we have here is a pro company that has become more consumer driven in recent years of better DAPs etc. I think their mind set is still that of a pro supplier. Those buyers often have molds done by known quantities and require less attention. Doesn't mean they shouldn't step things up a bit for their new found market, just an explanation. Of course that takes additional personal and with it associated higher prices. I wonder which business model is better for them.
  14. PleasantNoise

    I know email isn't the ideal form of contact. But I'm a student, living in New Zealand. For me to call America and have even a 10minute conversation would cost me more than I earn in 3 hours of work. $400 to me is 3 weeks worth of rent and bills. To me, it's rather a big deal.
    I didn't mind the issues the first time, I understood there was a possibilty I would have fit issues or the like. I had QC issues, I wasn't too upset about that.
    It was that having them repaired, and sent back, nothing was fixed. That's where I feel JH-audio really fell down.
    Like I said, it's how mistakes are dealt with that I feel show a companies worth. admitting and responding is ok, but having to deal with it twice, is what isn't ok.
    That's the main thing.
    I'm happy with them now. I just hope I never have to deal with the company again.
  15. Bazirker
    While I've never had any interaction with JH Audio, I totally hear you about customer service. Much of the reason why Amazon has grown to be so successful is that they understand the importance of customer service, especially when it's seemingly impersonable and over the Internet. I almost didn't buy my UM Merlins due to reports of terrible customer service until I figured out that most of the horror stories were from one particular distributor. I ended up getting Merlins via Stephen Guo and had an excellent experience through and through, even when I had issues with what I thought was a faulty monitor, and it helps me appreciate the art and wonder of my fantastic CIEMs.

    The purchasing experience definitely contributes towards your final appreciation of the product and it's a shame that you had such a negative experience. The best thing you can do now is just try to forget and enjoy the headphones you endured hardships to get!
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