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JH Audio JH5pro thread

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  1. StevieBuns

    That's quite disheartening, I was really looking forward to that otterbox. My Sansa Clip and Fiio E17 would have fit nicely in there. Suppose I could always buy it off the website
  2. geekgeek

    Here's a picture of my case for reference
  3. StevieBuns

    Thanks! That looks really nice actually. Did you have the same experience as another member here who said they just tossed it in a UPS shipping box and it was scratched?
  4. geekgeek
    Well mine was wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap then tossed in a Fedex box, so the case itself doesn't have any visible damage, but it also didn't come with any packing slips, or instructions, so I thought that was quite bizarre.
  5. StevieBuns

    Hmmm that is really bizarre considering the way they're usually packaged with the outer sleeve over the otterbox and the instructions that everyone who reviews the iems says are really funny.

    That's a shame, I wonder why such a change in packaging. Perhaps it has something to do with a shortage in materials from a supplier? I notice they're not selling the small otterbox on the website anymore either, just the large one. Strange indeed.

  6. dnullify
    Must be a cost issue... that aluminum case looks a little more pragmatic though. the otterbox is pretty clunky, albeit protective.
    Either way, you can get the otterbox on amazon with more color options, it's just the model 1000. the pelican 1010 is a tad larger and has a silicone liner. both are around $25-30. I got the otterbox with my JH5s, granted that was something like 4 years ago. All you'd be missing is an engraved metal plate.
  7. StevieBuns

    I agree the branding on the new aluminum case does look very nice and a bit more...together? Not sure the word that I'm looking for there but had I not known it came with an otterbox case, I would have assumed it came with something like the aluminum case it currently comes with.

    I'm playing the waiting game now, been over a week since they received my impressions. The audiologist I went to is an authorized dealer and she said she spoke with JH Audio earlier that week and they said they're so backed up they are currently 6-8 weeks out. I've been gathering all my FLAC files in the meantime. Bought a Sansa Clip and a Fiio E17 to pair with it when I'm on the go.

    I must say the ear impressions were very uncomfortable and they were downright painful when they were removed. My right ear even bled afterwards, the doctor said that the inside of my ear was irritated already (due to my daily cleaning with qtips which she said was a no-no). The impressions were very deep which is a good thing and she said that she's literally done thousands of ear impressions in her 15 years of business so I trust her but even she said it was very rare for someone to bleed. Maybe I'm a bit more sensitive? Definitely wouldn't want to do that again though.
  8. dnullify
    i'd definitely lay off the Q-tips.
    Pick up some hearing-aid lubricant before you get your JH5s, either online or at your audiologist. They should have it. It'll definitely help you.
    When you first get them, they're likely going to be somewhat uncomfortable, try not to fidget and adjust them too much at first. get them in with a solid seal and leave them there. You'll get irritation with new CIEMs with constant fidgeting and adjustments. You'll eventually get used to the fit and feel of them.
    I've found that an amp is more or less unnecessary with them, unless there's been any design changes since i got mine. they're pretty easy to drive, sound doesn't change much with/without an amp.
    They're damn fine headphones, you'll enjoy them.
  9. StevieBuns

    Thanks for the tip! What about when playing files from my MacBook Pro? I understand the headphone jack isn't the best off of these laptops. Would the DAC/AMP combo of the E17 be to my advantage? Or do you still think its overkill?

  10. dnullify
    It's not overkill so much as you shouldn't feel the need to carry your amp around when you're out and about.
    If you've got it with you, use it - but i doubt you'll miss it if you don't.
  11. Thaddy Contributor
    This is exactly how mine was packaged, however the bubble wrap wasn't wrapped around the box so it slid everywhere.
    Also, mine is polished, unlike the picture above.
  12. StevieBuns
    Been a month so far, still waiting to receive my ears. Guess the audiologist was right, JH Audio is currently 6 - 8 weeks out. 
  13. Bazirker
    Yeah, that's pretty normal.
  14. StevieBuns
    Here they are! Arrived about a week ago. I'm loving them, they're by far the best headphones I've ever listened to. I've been using them with my Fiio E17 and Clip+ with FLAC audio. I'm not very good at describing audio nuances and the only issue I was having was this fuzzy sound, I think it was in the highs, not mids or lows. The only way I could describe it was "blown out," like the way a photo is overexposed and the image is said to have been blown out. I found that I was able to correct this though when I changed the gain to 0 and increased the volume a bit. Anyone else experience this? 
  15. davidcotton
    Very nice shots! 
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