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JH Audio JH5pro thread

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  1. PleasantNoise

    that was a writing mistake, the problem was WORSE than the first time, I've editied the previous post accordingly.
  2. davidcotton
    Good luck getting them sorted out :frowning2::)
  3. Thaddy Contributor
    I received my new JH5 Pro's today and wanted to share a few things.  Fortunately, the fitment is perfect and I was able to get a perfect seal the first time I slid them into my ears.  However, I was a bit disappointed with how JH Audio shipped the IEM's.  I thought they would have shown up in an OtterBox case with the cardboard sleeve (like everyone seems to get).  Instead they came in an aluminum container with a screw-off lid that was scratched up.  Inside were the IEM's with the cleaning tool and soft wraps smashed on the bottom.  The aluminum case even has what appears to be corrosion on the inside.  To make matters worse, the engraving of my name was spelled incorrectly [​IMG]
    I'm very satisfied with the IEM's, however everything else left me somewhat disappointed.  I emailed JH Audio this afternoon but haven't received a response yet, so I'll give them a few days to respond before getting angry[​IMG]
  4. Spyro
    Have had my JH5 almost 3 years and have never used the dorky OTTER Box once.  Completely worthless IMHO.
    I use mine almost every day in the rough envorinment of working out, sweat, etc and they sound like the day I got them, original cable too.
  5. Thaddy Contributor
    I travel a lot for work and was actually looking forward to getting the OtterBox.  When I say a lot, I mean ~100 flights a year.  Don't get me wrong, so far I'm very happy with the fit and sound.  Very.  However, these things were just haphazardly tossed into an aluminum case and dropped in a FedEx box.  No packing slip, no instructions, nothing.  Just an aluminum case with IEM's inside.  I found it to be quite odd and was wondering if this is standard for JH Audio?
  6. StevieBuns
    Hello All! After reading all 66 pages of this thread and trolling around for a while researching I finally ordered my JH5's today! I just happened to check out the Facebook page and saw the 15% memorial day sale and thought it was way too good to pass up. Came out to $365 with overnight shipping. I think that's a great deal, especially with all the positive things that have been said about these ears. I'm not much of an audiophile and admittedly the best pair of headphones I own are beats by Dre so I'm excited to actually get my first pair of customs. 
    I got both trans black with red JH AUDIO lettering and the flying lady. I have an appointment for the audiologist Tuesday evening. I know there have been some fit issues, actually a lot of them but hopefully they come out well, the audiologist is an authorized dealer and one of the suggested audiologists. She has an office on Park Ave. in Manhattan if anyone has heard of her...
    Only question I think I really have at this time is if someone has a suggestion for an amp in the sub $200 range. I don't think I really need anything portable as I'd be listening to music on my Macbook Pro.
    Thanks again to everyone for the great information!
  7. Bazirker
    I've been researching the Fiio E17, and it seems most reviews are positive.
  8. shotgunshane Contributor
    Got a chance to hear the JH5 demo at Canlanta. Easily the best dual ba I've heard. I think it's a better value than the 1964 Quad I've heard and certainly competes with, if not bests, the more expensive universals from Westone and Earsonics.

    That being said, the JH13 FP is the one for me.
  9. StevieBuns
    I've seen some positive reviews of this as well, its combination DAC and amp correct? What do you think about the Electric Avenues PA2V2 and the HRT HeadStreamer? The HeadStreamer is a combination DAC and AMP as well. I've seen a lot of positive reviews as well, in fact it's rated #1 in portable amps on Head-Fi. 
  10. Bazirker
    Unfortunately I don't know jack about portable amps, but am in the market for an amp/DAC combo (like the E17.) I'll have to look up the HeadStreamer too.

    EDIT: I think the Headstreamer is just DAC since it looks like it requires USB power to operate. I might be wrong though.
  11. StevieBuns
    Most of the music I listen to are FLAC files, are these decent quality? What would a DAC do for me when playing these types of files. In fact I use a Mac so they're "apple lossless files," they have their own encoding. I understand he Jh5s don't require a lot of power to drive them so does that mean whichever small amp is used will make them sound better? I need to spend some time in the headphone amp forum while I'm waiting a month for my JH5s.
  12. geekgeek
    Like you, I also just received my JH5 pros, and it came in the similar metal screw on case with no other packing material or information. I always somewhat disappointed as I was looking forward to the Otterbox case which I could use to store my JH5s in, and I would be interested to know what JH audio replies to you.
  13. Thaddy Contributor
    They are going to be sending me a new case with my name spelled correctly.  Although, it's been two weeks since I've heard anything from them and I've been somewhat disappointed with the lack of communication after the sale.  They did mention that they stopped using the Otterbox cases.
  14. StevieBuns
    Wait, they're not using the OtterBox cases anymore? I just placed my order a week ago and they've received my impressions so I'm waiting however I didn't know they stopped using the otterbox. What are they using now? Could you show a picture of how you received yours?
  15. Thaddy Contributor
    I don't have any pictures at the moment.  I think it's very new, as there aren't any pictures on Google either.  It's just a circular aluminum case with a screw-on lid and the JH Audio log + Your Name engraved on the top.  When I received my order, this was just thrown into a small UPS box which allowed it to become quite scratched.
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