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JH Audio JH5pro thread

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  1. PleasantNoise
    Well, I posted the faulty JH5pro's back to JH audio repairs with the repair form. someone received and signed for them (tracked courier) on the 25th around lunchtime.
    I'm yet to receive an email from JH Audio about the repair process however. I hope they're fast to process, repair and return them. my ue metro-fi 400's just don't cut it.
    Still, I must say, once this issue is resolved, regardless of how satisfied I may be with the end product, I would never purchase from JK Audio again. Not after having to go through a repair process for a brand new product. What kind of QC are they running, if any? It's just not good enough to let something like that slip through, and waste a customers time, and also money, because I had to pay to courier them back to USA from New Zealand. Which isn't exactly cheap.
  2. goodvibes
    Hope it works out for you. I'm sure they worked fine when they left the factory. A driver likely came loose in shipping.
  3. Bazirker
    I've seen several reports of CIEM's from a variety of companies having problems with a driver upon arrival, and this invariably is suggested as the cause.
    Unless no effort whatsoever is made to package the CIEM safely, doesn't it seem improbable that this would occur?  Or are CIEM's really that fragile?  I would think you'd hear about them breaking in people's bags and such all the time if they were.
    It seems to me that if the CIEM was indeed fragile enough to have a driver break in shipping, then that's a QC issue and shouldn't have gotten out the doors of the manufacturer.
  4. PleasantNoise

    Well, they arrived in a a fed ex box, that looked like it had been gently handled, no marks, dings or bent edges to it, inside the fedex box, was an otterbox, which is pretty damn solid, I stood on it, all my weight, and it didn't even begin to flex. this case had 2 thick layers of bubblewrap around it. inside the case, the iems were neatly, and gently packaged in plush pouch, they seemed pristine, they didn't move around inside the case and box combo. I find it HIGHLY unlikely that a driver should come loose when they have been so well packaged, if they had, I agree that they are not well enough secured in the iem housing, and that needs to be addressed. I give massive props for such good packaging, it's probably the best packaging I've ever received a product in. I honestly couldn't fault that.
  5. goodvibes
    If it's dropped on it's side there will be no visible box damage and the IEMs can get quite a shock against the otterbox itself. Think NFL player concussion within his helmet. The thin cloth pouch doesn't offer much damping.
    This stuff is pretty obvious but why not take it step further and assume that they sent it defective on purpose just to ruin your day. Perhaps a driver could have been better glued but it was so when it left JHA.
  6. PleasantNoise

    they ship these things everyday, if their packaging can't cope with being delivered, they should sort it the ****** out, because it's the only way to receive them, the delivery of them is part of the product really.
  7. goodvibes
    And what percentage get damaged in shipping? a great shock can happen without destroying the box like a concussion in a motorcycle or football helmet. Stuff happens. Wow, you guys are critical as I even said that perhaps the driver could have been better glued. I simply said that it was unlikely to be defective when it left the factory.
    There's a warranty and they will honor it. Guess why I bought my customs from a US maker? Because returning them for some reason or another is very common with all customs and I wouldn't have to start threads about how long or costly shipping is and how screwed over I am because of it.
    Guess why Spiral doesn't ship to the US. Too much cost and hassle. It's fine if you want to order a specific custom from a distance but then also be prepared for common refits or shipping time/costs.
  8. PleasantNoise

    I did say that if they were poorly glued, that's an issue that should be resolved.. because I'm not the only one this has happened too.
    And JH-Audio is an american company, based in Florida...
    I live In New Zealand though.
    I have to say, next time I'm going universal, and buying from a shop. so much less time waiting... and then being disappointed, then more waiting,,,
  9. goodvibes
    I hope it gets sorted for you well enough that next time becomes moot. Good luck..
  10. Bazirker
    Well put.  That's my thought with my customs currently on order; do it once, get everything perfect, be patient, and live happily ever after!
  11. PleasantNoise
    well no contact from jh audio, but fedex gave me a tracking number, they've been picked up, should be here monday evening.
    davidcotton likes this.
  12. Bazirker
    That was a pretty quick turn around.
  13. PleasantNoise

    2 weeks from them receiving them for repair to them being picked up again...
  14. PleasantNoise
    Ok, so I have now recieved my Jh5's for the second time, this is AFTER they have been sent to jhaudio for repair, upon recieving them, the problem is WORSE than the first time.
    I dono't know what the hell is going on, but this is just ridiculous, Is Jh Audio a joke, or are they just sadists that don't care about their customers?
    Seriously, this is NOT ok. I don't know how to proceed, in my book, they owe me a fully functioning product, but they obviously can't provide that, I live in NEw Zealand, and they are based in America, it's difficult to contact them, so what should I do?

    Edit: Sent an email to everyone at Jh-Audio, received 3 replies in less than 24 hours, and a pre-paid sticker for fed-ex back to their repairs unit.
    At least something is happening now :)
  15. Spyro
    What's wrong with them??  Problem is "not WORSE".  What does that mean when you receive something back that was to be repaired/fixed?
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