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JH Audio JH5pro thread

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  1. Spyro
    No they were not able to fix the imbalance issue.
    Bass light?  I find it a fairly heavy thick sound...getting close to my W3 which has the bass hump but overall heaviness/richness is about same to my ears between the two.
  2. redvanilla
    Wow, after reading all 64 pages I'm even more convinced than before to get these but I'm still wondering how these compare to the other dual driver customs out there like the 1964 duals and the unique melody marvel.
    Also, any idea how much they'll cost second hand? Anyone selling any? [​IMG]
    By the way, I'm in Australia.
  3. rmappita
    JH5 PRO
  4. Bazirker
    I've been cycling through a variety of universal IEM's and thinking about getting a custom set, but don't have a lot of money to throw at it.  Of all the universals I've heard, I think the Future Sonics Atrios are my favorite simply because of the think, full, and massive yet not dominating bass.  The JH5 are supposed to have significant bass.  Is there anyone who has owned both simultaneously and can comment on how the JH5 bass compares to the Atrios?  I just want to make sure that if I get JH5's that I'm still going to get that basshead fix that keeps bringing me back to my Atrios.
  5. luftwaffe
    Hi there,

    I received my JH5s about 3 weeks back.

    I'm not too please with them as they sound way lousier than the demos I tried. I even went back to the shop to try out the demos again and my JH5s pale in comparison.

    Initially I thought it was a fit issue. Can hear. Ambient noise and my right ear was tighter than left. Right felt a little painful after a few hours of listening.

    But after using them for 3 weeks, the pain is no longer there.

    I find that the sound stage seems skewed towards the right. Left side sounds more dull. Comparing the sound with the demos, my JH5 does not have the same extension on the Treble and the bass. The sound feels very compressed. It's definitely better than my Westone 1 but much lousier than the demos which I fell in love with.

    Do you guys hear ambient noise like vehicles driving past? I do.

    I've done the sense phonics seal test, the 50hz is softer than the 500hz.

    Pressing them in does not yield a better sound.

    Could it be possible that my JH5s are tuned wrongly or drivers not working properly? Wondering if anyone here has had a similar problem. If so please do share what to do?

    Please advise guys. :)
  6. fallingreason
    Received my JH5's earlier this week and have given them about 3 listening sessions.  Coming from IE8's and Westone 3's, I'm not overly impressed, but they sound good.
    The bass is not as satisfying as on the IE8, and not as separated resolved as with the Westone 3.  Comfort and isolation is superb though.  The JH5 highs seem to be what lacks most to my ears, but will give them some more time and play with the J3 EQ a bit more before I give my final impressions.
    I also am disappointed with the artwork on one of the earpieces. I can see where the picture (?) has some air under it and is lifted off of the faceplate.  Looked to be rushed.  I also did not get my impressions back with the monitors.  Is this normal practice with JHA?
  7. Spyro
    Hmm....I have owned JH5 and W3 side by side for about 2 years now.   I won't necessarily say JH5 is flat out better.  It runs equal to all other 3 and 4 drivers universals I have heard but the custom fit is a huge bonus  Here are my thoughts on SQ. ...
    Treble detail is actually about the same as W3 and very adequate but no siblance/tip issues with JH5.  Only if you are a treble head should you find it lacking.
    JH5 midrange is better period.
    Bass with W3 is bigger and looser but would probably be seen as a negative to many.  JH5 bass is also pretty big but it is more mid bass than lower bass but it is balanced and not overdone....just very full sounding.  Great with any genre.
    W3 may sound more exciting and a bit more spacious and extended but it is also a bit sloppy and artificial sounding.  JH5 is more controlled, very representative of all frequencies and generally impressive for a dual driver.  It reminds me of a much improved UM2 (better clarity and treble) but rawer sounding than a UM3X.
    For what it's worth I found an amp to improve JH5 moreso than most other IEM's.  A little more refinement and clarity.  Definitely noticeable with my Ibasso T3.
  8. PleasantNoise
    OK, just recieved my JH5pro's, and the mid/bass driver of the right monitor produces an awful fuzzy sound instead of clear sounds expected, ie- instead of a clean, crisp note from a bass, guitar, piano etc, it produces a muffly, fizzy reproduction of the note.
    I'm pretty disappointed that this wasn't picked up before they shipped out. have emailed the guys at JH-Audio, I hope the issue is resolved quickly and painlessly, wondering what went wrong with them. :c
    currently annoyed, faith in the company will be somewhat restored once the issue is resolved, but nothing will fix the disappointment of paying so much money, and waiting so long, to receive a faulty product.
  9. goodvibes
    Probably happened in shipping. One bass driver probably came loose and should be an easy fix.  It's an easy fix, I wouldn't worry about it.
  10. PleasantNoise

    An easy fix will still mean shipping them back to JH-Audio, time being taken to fix them and then to post them back to me. (bear in mind that I live in New Zealand, and they have to get to America)
  11. Spyro
    Well worth fixing.  It's the best dual driver on the planet.
  12. rmappita
    The JH5 PRO is one of the best CIEMs that I have. 
  13. PleasantNoise

    Maybe when they work...I'll get back to you on that.  You know, when I get a working set...
    I'm not particularly angry, I'm just disappointed. I waited so long, only to recieve a broken set. now it will be weeks of shipping repair time, and dealing with customer service..
    *sigh* First world problems.
  14. rmappita
    I had A LOT of problems too, and I know how you are feeling =/  
  15. goodvibes
    Hope it's relatively painless. Customs can be a pain.
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