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JH Audio JH5pro thread

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  1. vangough
    Yesterday, I got chance to try JH5pro and UE5pro universal. Both sound great and have their own sound signature. I was very much confused with which one to choose. 
    To me,
    JH5pro -
    Pros - Well balanced, extremely good bass, I really enjoyed it.
    Cons - Sound stage was bit narrow and didn't sound as clear and clean as UE5Pro
    UE5pro - 
    Pros - clear sound, enough clean bass and treble. Open and better sound stage than JH5Pro
    Cons - at times it sounded bit harsh and sharp to my ears, painful at times. (if this wasn't the case, it would be easy decision for me)
    It's a tough decision, eventually, I went with JH5Pro because of the type of music I listen to. I can't wait to get my hands on, a month I have to wait.... jeez....For a moment, I wished, if I could get the clarity of UE5Pro (without that painful sharpness) with JH5pro (that would be awesome). BUT then....that would be JH16Pro already! lol.
    By the way, any ideas if the cable would help to get that clarity of UE5Pro? :p
  2. Spyro
    A TWAG cable crystalizes everything quite nicely but it is kind of pricey.
  3. vangough
    Thanks for the info. Cheers!
  4. Superfrag
    You could also look at Chris_himself's cables.
    Also, I do agree with the JH5 being the poor man's JH16 analogy. I have both of them, and I use the JH5 regularly when travel and at the gym, (JH16 is for home use only), and it does not disappoint, even after owning the JH16. IMO, the JH5's are higher VFM, as long as you know that you can resist the urge to get the highest end. :)
  5. pdiddypdler
    Anyone have any experience with both the JH5 and the 1964 - D (or Heir 4.a)? 
    Probably a long shot but I'm still trying to decide on my first custom...
  6. revolink24

    I can tell you I have had nothing but positive things to say about the JH5s and my friend has had nothing but negative things to say about the 1964 quads. Take that as you will.
  7. creamsoda
    i take it that, both of you may be biased if your opinions are that polarized? my friend was floored by trying my quads, and i have mostly positive things to say about my 1964 quads.  doesn't really mean anything...
  8. revolink24

    Perhaps. But both of us are pretty experienced in IEMs.
  9. miragez
    Having my JH5 for at least 2months + now loving it... I will target the highest ones soon :) its really a stepping stone towards ciem its poisoning me to get to the highest end earpiece... but I am restraining myself for the time being... till I have enough with JH5 then I will aim for NT-6
  10. rudiraith
    Having the JH16 pro a few months now, I suddenly recognized the left piece being a lot quieter than the right one. I cleaned it to no avail. Let them lie for a week: both went well for an hour, then the left failed again. Now I´ve sent them to our german dealer (mp4audio), who will resend them to JH.
    Has anyone experienced such failure?
    Thanks in advance,
    Rudi Raith
  11. Spyro
    No but my JH16 exhibited unbalanced sound favoring the left side.  Was NOT a fit issue, never got it resolved.  A collossal waste of $1,200 IMHO!  JH5 has never failed me and I abuse it relentlessly.
  12. rudiraith
    Could you not get it repaired?
  13. KimChee
    I've seen other people with the same type of imbalance issues right around the same time.  Fortunately I was not one of those people.
  14. grapefruit
    Am I the only one to think they're a bit bass-light and fatiguing?  I hear both slowly easing away with burn-in but I wish that the bass was better extended in both directons.
  15. fallingreason
    Balanced armature drivers do not require burn-in.  
    I'm confused by what you mean when you say both directions of bass extension??  [​IMG]
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