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JH Audio JH5pro thread

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  1. HeadphoneAddict Contributor


    A lot of that was more of a comparison of the W4 to the UM3X.  The biggest difference between W4 and ES5 is that the ES5 still has better treble extension and presence (like an HE-6), while the W4 seems more laid back in the treble (like a v1 LCD-2).  The ES5 also seems to have better micro-detail, imaging, soundstage, and bass impact than the W4.  They were shooting for the ES5 with the W4 in the way that they tried to the get the phase alignment right for good imaging, but they didn't really make it all the way there.  I actually still prefer my ES3X a little more than the universal IEM I own.  I don't want to make it sound like the W4 are like an ES5 in a universal shell, but I do think that they are a little better than my UM3X, which are a little better than my W3.  And their design philosophy for the ES5 was extended to the W4.
    There are a couple of people who have JH5 and W4, and I seem to recall they preferred the JH5 a little more.  There seems to be a definite audible advantage to customs, due to the custom fit and having properly tuned sound tubes in the ear canal portion.  
  2. Anaxilus


    ^  This.  
    I know for a fact that some lessons learned developing the ES5 trickled down to the W4.  The W4 was never designed to be a universal ES5.  Hope the distinction is clear enough.
  3. -Paolo-
    I just had my impressions taken...
    This was the second time i had my impressions made.
    The audiologist put the mold in and made me open and close my mouth 5 times as the thing cured.  When I compared the molds to my other IEM sleeves, it appeared to be significantly thinner.  I think I'm gonna ask them to redo it with a bite block...
  4. rmappita
    I don't understand why a lot of audiologists don't follow the instructions ? Why???? :cool:
  5. Anaxilus


    The arrogant 'Professional'.
  6. -Paolo-
    I shot off an email to JHaudio who contacted the audiologist for me...
    They're going to redo the impressions tomorrow. I need to find a bit block alternative
  7. davidcotton
    Take an apple and some tissues :)
  8. music_4321


    They actually cost $399 (not $499) and are made in Japan.
  9. Spyro
    I think the JH5 detroys the W4 for fun and musicality and clarity/detail.
  10. ahmadmfz
    Went with a local reshelling company that will reshell my JH5 in China. My friend went with them, and their reshells are comparable to UM. Very clear, no bubbles. 
    Sent in my impressions, will get them in two weeks, perhaps slightly longer.
    Just modded my diymod from HDD to a 64gb CF. Made a silver LOD with BG caps.. And perhaps getting the 2stepdance.

    In 2 weeks i'll be in audio haven :)
  11. rmappita
    6127135633_1f002bb975_z.jpg        6127687316_813ebc9b7b_z.jpg       6127688872_98c238901e_z.jpg
  12. Bazirker
    Those look excellent!
  13. ahmadmfz
    My JH5! :) anyone experiencing sibilance issues. I think maybe it's my j3. 
  14. Spyro
    Not so much siblance but I thought unamped they do sound a little raw and edgy.  But with an amp, they get smoother sounding with improved clarity.  A definite improvement.
  15. ahmadmfz
    AH.. switched to my diymod with p3 heron. So much better. Loved my TF10s /DBAs/SM3 on my J3 with BBE. But with BBE on the JH5s.. too sibilant. On my diymod+p3 heron it pretty damn smooth. Perhaps upgrading to a mustang to improve the vocals. I prefer more luscious vocals. But i love my JH5. Artwork was pretty well done!
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