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JH Audio JH5pro thread

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  1. Spyro
    I am not a fan of W4 but if I was able to add an amp, I would take W4 over JH5.  If not able to use an amp I would take JH5.
  2. goodvibes
    I haven't heard the w4 but I think it's incorrect to think of them as a universal version of an ES5. Westone's 'monitor' universals start with UM and the driver configuration is completely different with a dissimilar # of drive units for every range.
  3. Anaxilus


  4. HeadphoneAddict Contributor


    Maybe Spyro has heard them both amp'd and unamp'd.
  5. creamsoda
    as for the es5 and westone 4, i was just referring to a few things i read where apparently it was westone's goal to reproduce the es5's sound in a mass produced universal - yes i realize the driver configuration is completely different with the es5 having a single bass driver and dual mids and highs.  mainly for sound signature and presentation i believe.
    anyhow, i don't believe in using amps for my J3, as it already has a ton of power and I've tried a couple of 4-500 dollar amps where i really could not for the life of me, tell the difference between amped and unamped.  bass on the westones are tight and controlled as is, and imaging and separation is superb.  I honestly believe amps are simply placebo for IEMs especially with a well powered hp out on the J3.
    that aside, how are the characteristics on the Jh5 vs westone 4, specifically for vocals and instrumental separation?
    you guys say it is more like choosing a flavour/colour than a question of one being better than the other... so what are characteristics of both? which one is more laid back and which one more engaging?  would the JH5s sound more like bassy se535s?
  6. Anaxilus

    Where did you read that?  I've only read a few people who didn't know what they were talking about 'hope the W4 is a universal ES5'.  Westone has never said that and I've never read that from anyone worth the salt.  That's just completely false and should not be spread around.  Listen to an ES5 demo and a W4 and hear the difference.
  7. goodvibes


    Wasn't directed at Spyro. Has he heard or mentioned the ES5? Creamsoda made the remark that spawned mine.
  8. creamsoda
    i went back to re-read the two articles and it turns out i was just misreading them about the es5s vs w4!  oops.
    and as for "would the JH5s sound more like bassy se535s?" i was asking if jh5s sounded more like bassy versions OF se535s, not se535s-that-i-find-bassy. lol
    and as for the ex1000 being in the same sort of edgy, forward signature or something closer to the jh5s, I would be willing to try them if it were not for my fit problems with them and their lack of isolation.  I did like their sound when I demoed them though, and as a custom I'm pretty sure I'd be fully satisfied with the JH5s.
    Naim.F.C. outlines almost exactly what i hear of the westone 4s...
    "Extremely articulate and analytical signature. Great instrumental separation, wide, airy soundstage and detailing but imo at the expense of some vibrancy and musical fun. The audio signature is flat to slightly instrumental heavy (as oppose to vocals or bass). Clarity is fantastic, though nothing really pops. Everything is smooth, well behaved or even timid. High's lack the ut-most sparkle and bass doesn't have exacting punch, though both are still very controlled and balanced. Vocals are textured and smooth but sometimes emphasis is drawn away in favour of other instruments. Slight veil over sonic presentation adding some warmth."
    as long as the Jh5 can be more forward, musical and keep the instrumental separation and detail of the westone 4s (minus the mids veil and vocal recess), i'd be set!  that's my main purpose of asking everyone here.  would the Jh5 be what i'm looking for then?
  9. creamsoda
    awesome, that settles it.  also, my experiences with amps with yours might be quite different as we use different sources - my cowon doesn't exactly have a line out so i'd be double amping if I did anything through my J3.  If I didn't have it, I'd definitely consider a LOD with my iP4 as well as a nice entry level amp i.e. JDSlabs or Fiio e11.  AFAIK the J3 has a very high output power.
    I'd be going to the audiologist as recommended by JHAudio on their website so that shouldn't be a problem at all.  Thanks for your help!  I may be back with first impressions and whatnot later on.
  10. Anaxilus
    The problem with a lot of portable amps is they aren't doing what they are supposed to do and only getting in the way or bottlenecking.  If you are using a phone that can benefit and have an amp that can deliver the difference is clear.
  11. lemonstory

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  12. goodvibes


    But I haven't heard a W4 and didn't listen that long so while I value my own opinion, LOL, I'm a big proponent of getting an audition. When I heard them there was a stubby stiff foam tip that I could install so that it wasn't absorbing and rather rigid. Not comfortable at all, the way I shoved them in but I was more concerned with a proper audition. I bet they thicken up a lot with stock IEM type tips.
  13. HeadphoneAddict Contributor
  14. ahmadmfz
    Just a question, how's the vocals on the JH5 sound? Just afraid a lack of a mid driver would leave a void in the vocals. I'm pretty much set jumping onto the JH5s soon, so yeah just to make sure. I'm going for a reshell of a jh5, from a friend of mine. Would it be better if i send it back to westone for reshelling or send it to UM for reshelling?
  15. rmappita

    Some times I prefer the vocals of the JH5 them I do with my JH13s. And why don't you go direct with JH AUDIO with 2 years warranty and another good things for just $399.00 + Molds + shipping ?
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