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JH Audio JH5pro thread

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  1. TheDeepThought42
    So I just got my pair of JH5s and have a question about the fit. Although they don't cause any discomfort when I put them in, there seems to be a bit of the inner part, right above where the cables come out of, that sticks out. I can easily touch it while wearing them. Similar to this:
    Also, if I just move my finger up and down the headphones, it shifts a bit. Is this normal? I thought the fit would be much more secure and that it would fit entirely in my ears.
  2. goodvibes
    Different ears may allow a different amount of movement. If they don't move in normal use, it shouldn't be a concern.
  3. rawrster
    goodvibes, do the JH5 give you an idea of how the JHA signature is? I'm thinking of getting another entry level custom sometime in the future and the JH5 has always been of interest to me especially if it deviates a bit from what I have which are those more on the neutral side of things. The JH5 from some opinions seem to be a bit more warm and bassy but not overly so.
  4. rmappita


    Hi rawrster,
    I know you asked goodvibes, but for me the JH5 is an awesome custom, and they share the JH AUDIO soud signature. When I take off my JH13s and put my JH5 Demo, I think wow these 2 drivers custom sound really great. The 5s are more warm and the bass is a little more fun, but its balanced and controled, a pleasure to listen to. I just notice that, because I compared it to the 13s. For $399.00 I think it is one of the best bank for the buck. Thats why I`m thinking of getting a JH5 on custom format.
        Rodrigo Pita
  5. TheDeepThought42


    Hey, thanks for the reply. As for fit, I just felt like they would be much more snug/flush than what I currently have; they feel too loose. If I pull just very gently on the cords, I can easily untwist them out of my ears. And that top half that's sticking out just feels a little awkward to me.

    As for they sound, they don't sound too bad. I have a pair of Westone 2s and the highs seem to go higher and the bass a little louder, although not by much. And I'm not exactly sure how good my seal is. I get some isolation, but not as much as I did with my Westone 2s+ Shure black foams. 

    I emailed JH Audio but haven't gotten a response back, think I'm just going to call them up on Monday. In the meantime, I did schedule an appointment to get some refits done; and I did use a bite block the first time.
  6. TheDeepThought42

    Alright, I just needed a comparison/confirmation. Thanks!
  7. goodvibes


    I don't own but is exactly like I heard them. It's not just the tonal balance. They're seamless like so many multi drivers are not. Great mids and boogie. It's perhaps not as neutral as the best but it plays tunes as well or better than anything I've listened to around that price. For me, preference withstanding, it's close to perfect for the target audience. I didn't expect to like them on audition as I very briefly owned SF5s which were anything but seamless or neutral. The JH5s are a lot more natural and without the v shaped, bass enhanced type character. Really nicely chosen compromises.
  8. Spyro
    Well, I am a big fan of JH5 but it is certainly far from accurate.  It is more fun.  The bass is very exaggerated (to my liking) and it is a bit raw and edgy and has a pretty small soundstage (much like a dedicated monitor would be) but is still better than most universals in its price range as an overall package.
  9. rawrster
    The fact that the JH5 is $399 with free impressions from one of their audiologists does make it a tempting offer.
    I was under the assumption that these were more of a "fun" sounding custom. I have accurate sounding customs which are my two customs I have now but with some deviation among the two so something like the JH5 sounds like it would fit the bit in offering a different signature.
  10. goodvibes
    They did lean to the slightly warm and weighty but not at all V shaped or thick sounding. The JH5 pulls of it's sig really well. Cliff does use a TWAG and it's probably for a bit of fine tune on the balance but besides the balance which can be convincing, they just play tunes. The driver integration is tremendous and the mids are not at all recessed. The have a tangibility about them that's pretty rare.
    Rawster, I haven't heard your 1964Ts but from description, I would think the JH5 has more presence or 'life' without sounding unnaturally so. I think my Grado's more neutral with supplied tips but jh5s were just a blast to listen too and something I still think about getting. It's their solidity of sound that sets them apart. Very detailed without being analytical or ethereal. I could see a different choice for mixing but they're close enough and just 'enhanced' enough for common good sources and files. When I say enhanced, I don't mean a purposeful unnaturalness but basically picking the right compromises for and getting an effective tunes of the drivers without shutting the thing down. They're anything but slow or thick sounding as a result of their balance. They are a lot more neutral than a jh16. Not as neutral (slightly warmer) as the jh13 but closer to that tonally.
  11. rawrster
    Thanks for the replies. It sounds like I could do some saving up and then buying the JH5. Well I could get it now but I think I'll enjoy my custom from UM that I got back recently from a refit. I don't think I'll be investing in the top customs such as the JH13 anytime soon which go for around 1k. I think that's more than what I would like to spend on a custom that I'll be taking with me on the go so the JH5 will do :)
  12. Spyro
    Just saying, compared to the normally labeled "balanced" IEM's" (W4, ER4) JH5 has a TON more bass, period.
    It has much more bass qty than JH13 and equal amount as JH16.  Just talking qty not quality.
  13. goodvibes
    I thought it between them and actually closer to the 13 but I'll defer as you've owned them all. Maybe it has to do with how they respond to EQ as I never use it and you always do.
  14. Spyro
    To me the JH5 is a real down and dirty, budget-minded little brother of JH16.  They both share a very exciting robust presentation.
  15. creamsoda
    This was originally intended as a private message to cliffroyroycole, but head-fi has decided that my one private message sent counts as two and therefore won't let me send my second reply.  I was asking about how the JH5 sound compares to the Westone 4 (that I have), but I'll expand by asking everyone in this thread the same.
    I am mainly worried about a loss in quality just because they are the same price.  I see it this way - one is a 4 driver, 3 crossover earphone made in China, targeted as a budget, universal ES5 and the other is hand made in the USA with two drivers - I'd think the former would give me a better end product in all aspects since the labour aspect is much cheaper...
    Having the monster turbine coppers, and switching to the westone 4s showed me that soundstage size and imaging+instrumental separation are two different things, the westones being absolutely amazing at positional cues and separating all the instruments so I could focus on exactly what one thing is doing at a time.  how is that with the JH5s in comparison, and also any other customs in the price range like the 1964 triples?  Although from what I've read, I'll definitely like the JH5's more engaging, exciting sound over the flatter 1964 triples, which i also read are laid back.
    Also, are there any Canadians who can chime in about customs/duty charges? It shouldn't actually happen due to NAFTA but you never know!
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