JH-Audio JH16-Pro + JH-3A DSP Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by m0gwai, Jan 3, 2018.
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    The items in this listing are damaged/defective so please take the time to read the full description of the items and ask any questions not covered here.

    They are a pair of custom IEMs from JH-AUDIO model JH-16 PRO, the left piece was damaged and cracked [please refer to the attached picture], I covered it using electric tape. This should be irrelevant since they will be need to be re-molded. What is relevant is both IEMs are working properly when tested.

    The IEMs use a custom cable made to be paired with the JH-3A amplifier, it comes with a 3.5 jack adapter. There’s a bunch of static using the cable [when the cable is being moved] with the adapter which makes me believes there’s a bad contact in the cable, the jack adapter or both.

    When I initially received the amp the gain was tuned way too high, listening at 5% volume would blow your eardrums, i sent it to JH-Audio for tuning and when I received it back it was NOT working and I could not get a sound out of it since then. I had also moved on to other audio project so I never really looked into it. Is it a quick fix or is completely fried? Frankly I have no idea and zero knowledge in electronics.

    So why/who should buy this? Well if you are knowledgeable about electronics, or if you want to go through the trouble of having items replaced or repaired, I believe it could be a great bargain.

    If I remember this combo retailed for 1,750$, I’m asking 200$ for the lot excluding shipping and PayPal, it comes with no warranty obviously.

    Thanks for looking

    66316F5F-31FF-4857-964A-379367421EC6.jpeg 005FD667-49C2-4FDE-8077-7EC69478D200.jpeg 9548AEEC-923F-4203-9FDB-DA616DDAFA21.jpeg 23F35B02-DFC6-4350-A074-E8B4166AF3A9.jpeg 361AD208-DC68-45C1-B0ED-5FBF7870BD3C.jpeg F7E209D4-7C42-4534-A27B-109FE02D4554.jpeg C9CAFBC8-A7B2-4CB6-84BC-BD9B7FECEADC.jpeg 7C4B4353-FF37-4554-B3A0-6D78DE1E53E4.jpeg
  2. Mach3
    Can you PM the total cost to Australia
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