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JH Audio JH-3A

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    I am # 8 and been waiting since Can Jam. I have a hunch Jerry might thru something in for us early "investors"
    Time will tell....
  2. monsieurguzel
    Haha I hope so!  Btw, I was one before you...#7 [​IMG]
  3. singh
    yeah yeah ...i also think so thats why i am trying to go for preorder ...i will send them an e-mail and confirm the last date.
  4. Anaxilus
    Well, throwing a bone to early adopters without mention seems just as lame for a number of reasons.  That would lead me to believe noone really has a handle on what's going on and Westone stock would move up a notch IMO.  Not saying you guys don't deserve something, but ambiguity and lack of direction is off putting for me.  
  5. digihead
    Has there been any discussion about the case for the JH3A? I was hoping there would be a case provided that holds both the amp and IEMs. If that is the case then one side would be heavier than the other when you pick it up so it would be really sweet if the outside of the case had say black one one side that faded into a grey or carbon color on the other side. That way not only would the outside look cool you would know which end to expect to be heavier when you picked it up.


    I greased Jerry's palm....I am # 6 now...lol
    They have a new procedure now while doing ear molds.
    They ask for your credit card after the foam piece is placed in your mouth. hahahaha!

    Yes but one listen to the JH3-A and you would be like Westone who???
  8. Br777
    Here is a great summary of the 13/16/3A via Headroom's interview with Jerry at RMAF yesterday

  9. swifttal
    Anyone check out the JH booth at RMAF and ask about what's new with the 3a?
  10. woodcans

  11. Trogdor


    Anyone have an update on the release?  I would think it should be much much closer.
  12. D4R
    Could be this:

  13. nc8000 Contributor

    Click the big play button in the middle of the image

  14. singh
    really a bad interview: not informative at all.
    1. what is JH13?
    2. what is JH16?
    3. what is JH3A?
    < i had a hard time writing these monotonous questions >
    i already know all that! not questions about when will they start shipping the JH3A, or has the production started? is the demo piece complete or still in development.
    jerry on the other hand answered questions genuinely
  15. Bina
    Singh: I think this video was made for people who know almost nothing about Jhaudio, not for people on preorder list.
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