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JH Audio JH-3A

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  1. nc8000 Contributor
    That's not the one I was thinking off. Actually I had 2 systems mixed up. The processor was called the Sennheiser Lucas and works with normal headphones, I can't figure out if it has a rechargeable battery or has to be used via the wall wart. The other thing that I can't remember what was called was a fairly large shoulder/neck collar with build in speakers. I know that a Danish head-fi'er has one of them.
    Actually it turns out that I didn't entirely mix up 2 things. It is called the Sennheiser Surrounder and was also sold as Sennheiser Surrounder Pro together with the Lucas unit (Quaddy is actually selling this set here on head-fi atm.)
    And all of this is insanely off topic for this thread [​IMG]
  2. fhuang
    the surrounder!  wanted to get it few years back but.....it's not really a headphone, suppose it's really heavy.  anyway i suspect still long time away from ready.  i asked for artwork for my jh3a.  i haven't told them what i want.  i only asked them to contact me if they're ready so......was thinking this as a christmas present now it's getting close as a birthday(march) present for myself
  3. immtbiker Moderator

    Actually, I pictured it more like this:
  4. immtbiker Moderator
    Everytime that I look at my subscription list and see double digits in new-13/3a posts, it psychs me out, and makes me think that they are starting to arrive on people's doorsteps [​IMG].
    Also nc8000 had it right, these were them. I had a pair but didn't like the fake output (I think that they used 535's or 580's):
  5. fhuang
    maybe coming this winter? 
  6. thread
    *wipes his proverbial glasses*
    What could possibly cause a delay so long? Are they scrapping the project and starting over? Let's hope it was a webmaster mistake.
    Edit: Yeah, let's hope they mean "by march 20th" ...... (They sure could be clearer, though.)
  7. violinvirtuoso
    Technically its still winter until March 20...
  8. immtbiker Moderator
    In the past 3 years in NYC, it skips right over spring and in late May, it goes from low '50s to upper 80's and humid. Springtime used to be the nicest time of year in NY and now it's non-existant. I know that it has nothing to due with promised ETA's, but I had to voice my disgust.
  9. nc8000 Contributor


    Winter 2011 is right now so technically it could ship today
  10. Hero Kid
    It's been saying winter on their web site for ages... nothing new there. 
    Now for the delays, if what Jerry/staff has said and the amps are ready to be shipped it really is just a matter of waiting until China gets back on track and starts to post stuff again. This isn't the only product being delayed by their "lunar festival"(?) and it is not a lame excuse in my eyes. As much as it might appear it to most of us westerners.
  11. Trogdor
    That update was a while ago (at least I noticed it last week while I was talking to Jerry).  I don't think anything has changed, he is still waiting for the arrival of the final units. 
    To be honest, if they were sent on the 8th then it is quite possible he won't see them until today or Monday.  I would definitely be a bit alarmed if by mid-next week he doesn't have the units or a tracking number.  Then something is really up IMO.
  12. wsilvio


    Yeah, same thing in Boston!  I really miss having spring!
  13. garetjax1
    See my earlier post re: the 'Now shipping winter 2011'... Jaime said they were still committed to shipping the jh-3as after the chinese new year. What that actually means, I dunno, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for a ship date in the next two weeks...
    I also wonder if the AlgoRhythm Solo is back-ordered for the same reason...
    Does anyone know if the JH-3A ships with its own carrying case, or whether the case for your IEMs (not the stock one obviously) will also hold the 3a? I ordered the CF case, and I'm curious to know whether I would need another carrying case for the amp.
  14. monsieurguzel
    Alorythm Solo is supposedly proudly make in the USA :) so it has not excuse regarding Chinese new year...but it might be held up due to parts needing shipped from china.


  15. warp08

    The CF case should be able to hold the JH-3A, but no way should you hope to use it on the go.  It's designed for storage only, and aside from being personalized and made out of CF, I would pick a 3rd party quality flight case any day over it.   I had two of them, sold one (essentially gave it away).
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