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JH Audio JH-3A

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  1. warp08
    The JH-3A system consists of a redesigned JH13 or JH16 IEMs individually tuned and coupled to a 6-channel, programmable-DSP-equipped portable amplifier that uses sophisticated, real-time software to continuously optimize sound characteristics to increase the systems' overall frequency response and resolution.
    Not much simpler, just one run-on sentence.
  2. Br777
    i'll probably just say "its awesome! i wish you could try it!"
  3. Germs
    Yep, that one is good :)

    I guess that saying it is an IEM with an amp and dedicated DSP for state of the art sound quality will be good enough.
    By the way, is there any "normal" portable amps fitted with a DSP ?
  4. warp08


    To my knowledge multichannel DSPs are widely used in Home Theater receivers and sound processors to simulate various "venues."  Never heard of this technology being used in portable amps yet, hence the significance of this particular product.
  5. Trogdor
    Anybody get an update?
  6. Bina
    It is like day and half from last messege from them, isnt it? I'm sure when they get them, they will get us know that.
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  7. sling5s
    If it's shipping from China and they just got over their Chinese New Year; and  DHL doesn't even ship until the 10th or 11th(their holiday is longer), that means JHA won't even get it until early next week if all goes well.  
    So we're really looking at third or fourth week of Feb. for shipping at the earliest. My estimates not theirs. 
  8. nc8000 Contributor
    Well if it is a shippimg delay due to Chineese new year nothing is going to happen until after 10th
    DOH, didn't see sling's post
  9. b0ck3n
    Any swede around who's ordered the JH-3a? Would love to hear one.
  10. Br777


    how exactly would you do that? do you know someone who does ear reshaping surgery [​IMG]
  11. Trogdor


    Thanks guys for the update, that makes perfect sense.  So hopefully early next week.
  12. warp08


    Either that or maybe JHA has a reseller in Sweden.  If they do, I'm sure they will be eager to get their JH-3A demos (with demo shells)
  13. nc8000 Contributor
    They do actually have a reseller in Stockholm, Sweden
  14. thread
    I'm very confused at this point. Why would JHA tell us they were planning to ship final products to customers this week if it is so obviously impossible?
    They must know something we don't.
    Or they need to think before speaking.
  15. swifttal


    Yes, actually...

    After it rained here today, I went for a long walk. Didn't really have a destination in mind, but at the hour and a half point I stumbled upon the end of a rainbow... what luck!! I looked up and there greeting me was a leprechaun sitting atop a unicorn!!! After we chatted a while, he said "Well I guess we be gettin' to business... I'll give ye a choice of me pot o gold, or these magical headphones"... Man! I couldn't believe it!! In his hands was the JH-3A with custom-molded Jh16s attached!!! Naturally I took the 3a and was on my merry way. I was in a hurry to get home when I suddenly noticed since I hadn't paid attention on my walk earlier I had no clue where I was... And had no sources to listen to the 3a with either... DAMN!! Well the leprechaun noticed the quandary I was in and then explain to me, "When ye found the end of this here rainbow, ye entered a magical portal. Once one passes through it, it closes until the next rainbow occurs in this very spot"! He then continued... "Ye see, ye have two options... Ye can wait for the next rainbow, or I can give ye a ride on this here magical unicorn to where ye need to go." "Go on", I said. He then replied, "Only thing is, it's gunna cost ye those magical headphones." DOUBLE DAMN!!! I knew leprechauns were sneaky, but this was downright cruel! So I sat down and thought about it a while. About 3 hours passed when I finally accepted his offer for the ride home.

    So here I am, back in the same boat. Probably doesn't help you guys out much, but there it is.

    ... so close... :frowning2:
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