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JH Audio JH-3A

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  1. singh

    ever compared woo audio products with audio GD ones?  both are excellent products., but Audio GD is more prone faults.
    More over every jh3a is tuned to the one particular JH16/13 so if some fault arises the complete unit has to be sent to them :frowning2: bummer!
    THis seriously is a big news for me. if given a choice, i will always opt for made in japan/US/europe goods.
  2. monsieurguzel
    Trust me, Woo audio has its fair share of faulty amps that they build...I've experienced this first hand.  Audio GD units are straight form China whereas JH Audio is an American company, meaning that even if things are sourced from abroad, you don't need to ship things back and forth internationally in case of a problem.
  3. ianmedium


    But surely if there is a problem JH will have to ship back to China which will add to repair time and inconvenience. Also, I have looked everywhere on JH's website and I am blowed if I can find any mention of this not being a JH house product. In other words this is the game a lot of UK companies play now, they proudly purport to be British but in fact all that is left in the UK is R&D and manufacturing is overseas. I personally have a big problem with that as it is mis-representation. From what I have seen JH are playing the made in America card and quietly shipping it off to Asia, what next, the headphones?
    Just to be clear, I have no issue with anything being made in Asia it is the lack of clarity of where the product is made or the play of it being a small bespoke business which is producing you something custom when all along it is made in some huge faceless factory where no one really cares but still charging you Bespoke prices!
  4. Trogdor


    Huh?  You normally pay for manufacturing costs or the products IP? 
    I certainly wish sale prices were a mere matter of manufacturing costs (especially with electronics).
  5. jp11801 Contributor
    While I understand that it is par for the course to banter about things you are not aware of I assure you that JH Audio's margin on this product is pretty much slim to none on the 3a or at least the amp section.
    So for about $700 you get a SIX channel amp, a dac capable of 24/192, active DSP crossover and user definable bass control. Really you all are moaning about the fact that after his US amp designer flaked out that he needed to go to global partners to get this done. What was he suposed to do, JH does not design amps this is not what they do. It was very clear to me, at least, that he was bringing in outside expertise.
    Personally I can't figure out how he got this product out at the price that he did. When I was first told of it I ballparked a price of roughly $2500-3000. Given the scope of the electronics, programming time required and ear pieces.
    Jerry has never hid the fact that the amps were coming from overseas.
  6. ianmedium
    Ah well, again.. Enjoy your amps. I have a feeling there will be such an outpouring of supurlatives that it will keep JH  going for years to come!
  7. blessingx Contributor
  8. bneiderman


    I told you guys a few pages back that the thing was coming from overseas. Looks like I was right! :) But regardless, all I care about is the sound. I don't care where it comes from. I just want it HERE already!
    It's not fair to judge that Jerry lives a rock and roll lifestyle. And every person has a right to make a living.

    I don't believe you are correct about each unit arriving to JH Audio pre-tuned. JH will tune each unit to each JH13 or JH16 in house. If he has a bad unit he can just pick another one to tune and then repair or send back the faulty unit.

  11. siddiquehanif
    In response to my previous queries to Jaime and Brittany about JH3A shipping date, they were unclear and uncommented........but now even Jaime has also sent me a reply.
    Hi Siddique,
    We are hoping to begin shipping the week of Feb. 6.


    So my idea is that we are very close to receive the finished product. Lets all hope that we receive a top notch quality product.
    For me " Made in Overseas " thing is no problem  until It holds JH Audio Quality and 2 year warranty. However on negative side this also means that warranty claims will have more processing times and delays since JH Audio has to sent them to the factory for repairs.
  12. warp08


    Not necessarily.  They may just ask you to ship the whole system back with the IEMs, and just retune another replacement amp for you on the spot at their FL location.
  13. siddiquehanif
    Yeah thats another possiblity, If they have replacement units already built in and that will be great for customer point of view If they follow this route. Thanks
  14. Br777


    you're probably right.  i cant imagine them creating a situation for themselves that requires them to ship back and forth from china every time they need a repair or warranty service.  they would never hear the end of it.
    especially when they are aiming this setup at Pro musicians.    imagine...Sorry lady gaga, your JH3A will take a few weeks to fix while we wait for the chinese new year..... yeah right...
  15. bneiderman
    Hope they do get here the week of the 6th since I am leaving the 12th for Cali. I would hate to think these things were laying at my doorstep and I have no way to get them!
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