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JH Audio JH-3A

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  1. immtbiker Moderator
    Does this shipping time included the making of the molds of the 13's and 16's and then tuning them from Canjam 2010?
  2. Br777


    from what i understood, they have been working on people's molds already.  If i remember correctly, one time when i called which was like a few months ago, they said they had already molded some.. but dont quote me on this as i could be mistaken..
    as for the rest of your question i have no idea what youre asking.
  3. Br777
    I love how oh the JH facebook, they answer every question people post very quickly, or jaime "likes" people's posts constantly, and they even post new content, but when a jh3a question comes up they just ignore it, while the little counter keeps counting.. posted.. 3 hours ago... 5 hours ago.. 8 hours ago.. [​IMG]
  4. sling5s
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  5. daveDerek Contributor
    there probably isn't a lot more to add to the jh3a story. it'll happen soon. i bet the tuning process will be a little slow initially, then they'll get the hang of it and produce them more quickly. hey, if you wanna be an early adopter sometimes there are snags along the way, eh? many of the significant new products that we hear of here on head-fi have had delays along the way, sometimes considerably longer than this more complicated product/system. think back to the shure e500, the ue triple.fi 10 pros, the westone 3s, and the sennheiser hd800s, to cite just a few examples.
  6. Br777
    from their facebook:
    Any new info on JH-3A?

      1.  JH Audio We are expecting to receive them any day now and begin shipping.
  7. immtbiker Moderator

    Why did you start out your post with "Huh"? It's a bit condescending. Not everybody knows everything. That's why we're here.
  8. Br777


    b/c i didnt understand what you were asking and "huh" was my way of saying "im confused".... didnt mean to condenscend.. one of those times where in my head it probably sounded completely different than how it was interpreted...however i still dont understand what you were asking... particularly this part... and then tuning them from Canjam 2010?
  9. Trogdor


    New Head-Fi Motto:
    Not everybody knows everything but everybody knows something.
    (at least with the JH-3A)
    Viva la Next Week?
  10. daveDerek Contributor
    don't bet on it! [​IMG]
  11. silverlight
    I'm sure this has been discussed before, but could someone explain what this "tuning" procedure is for the JH3A that they'll be performing on each unit before sending them out.  What is it, what's the procedure, which parts is it related to, is it hardware/software, same/different for a given user/IEM?
  12. Bina
    I think tuning is connected with timing and phase. Each custom have slightly different positions of drivers, so each must be tuned.
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  13. kiwirugby Contributor
    So, thinking positive anticipatory thoughts.....what kinds of sauces, I mean sources, have you got lined up for when your JH-3A lands on your front door (lets hope not literally!)?
    For me 7th G iPod (lossless)-->Solo--JH-3A/16
    Not too much of a highjack, I hope.....just trying to help us pass the time......and highten anticipation!
  14. Br777
    ipod touch 4th gen 64gb - lod - jh3a, and possibly some variations on digital out from my computer, or one of those new pure i-20 digital docks, depending on how much $ i want to spend
  15. Br777


    better get comfortable there buddy... (from the solo thread)
    Guys, It seem that every time I open my mouth on the shipping date I dig a deeper hole for myself [​IMG] So while I want to be as transparent as possible I have to wise up and preface that there are so many things that will and are going to effect the shipping date, all of the variable it seem I have zero control over. That being said I can say with a fair amount of certainty that they will ship out to customers the 2nd week of February.
    Thank you
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