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JH Audio JH-13 PRO impressions thread

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  1. lookingforIEMs
    I'd say the Jh 13s are more treble happy and compared to setting 0 for bass on the universal roxxanne, jh13s have way more sub bass. In fact for a moment I forgot they were BA CIEMs
  2. kkcc
    I had just demo'ed the AK version universal Rox and came away preferring my JH13FP... below quoted from the Rox impression thread:


  3. kkcc
    amen! agreed on both the treble and the subbass.... (at least for the AK version I tried)
  4. Jarmel
    So I sent my old 13s in for repair as the left shell had cracked and got mine back today.  Are they upgrading the old 13s to Freqphase?  The shape is different and there is a third bore hole while previously I think my old ones only had two.
  5. MyInnerEar
    I demoed the JH13FP & Roxanne so my impressions are not based on custom fit. But the JH13FP is an excellent sounding earphone. Great detail and dynamics, nice balanced sound. A very different presentation compared to my UE18 Pro: JH13FP was more immediate, forward and exciting compared to the UE18 which is smoother, warmer & more laid back. JH13FP would be an excellent 2nd pair to own.
  6. krismusic Contributor
    I go to pick up my JH13's tomorrow. I just hope I'm not in for refits.
    I also hope that I think the sound signature is worth £1000!
  7. 3nenbgumi
    Mine were delivered yesterday. They sounded excellent - probably the best I've heard and I'm struggling to find any technical jargons that would not apply to them. Resolving, detailed, transparent...you name it. Compared to my ACS T1's, the biggest difference probably lies in the bass and soundstage - the bass hits damn hard while maintaining excellent control and the soundstage is airy with awesome imaging. They outperform my ACS's on most counts with perhaps a slight nod to the ACS's when it comes to vocal tracks. And it also helps that these are extremely versatile - they handle everything I throw at them with grace and finesse, though they really excel at genres that require a lot of dynamism like metal.
    Another point to note is that I actually found them to be easier on poorly-mastered tracks than my ACS's are despite being more detailed. Don't get me wrong - these phones really point out the flaws in the recordings, but they do not have the tendency to exacerbate them.
    And also a snapshot of what they look like (I stole this from my dealer's page since I know he'd do a far better job than I could ever do). It seems they come with some sort of improved cable for better durability, akin to what is used on the Roxanne's, minus the bass controls and the 4-pin connectors.
  8. krismusic Contributor
    Very nice. I picked mine up today. Overall pretty happy. Slight discomfort in the left ear but I hope I might adjust. If not should be an easy refit. Seal is excellent. To the point that they are difficult to remove!
    I agree with what you say sound wise. They seem fine with everything I have listened to so far. As you say excel with Rock and EDM.
    I am not sure about the bass personally. A bit soft and warm.
    I did not get a Wow moment with these. Just the gradual realisation that they are a class act.
    I went for a translucent smoke grey with black logo. Very non descript but I did want unobtrusive as I intend to wear them on public transport.
  9. sling5s
    After owning these JH13pro for over six years, my stock cable finally needed replacing.  Decided to try the FillO replacement cable (same price as stock).  Wow, what a difference.  Didn't realize how bad the stock cable was.  The FiiO RC-WT1 really brings the midrange out and makes the treble smoother (takes the edge off) and bass tighter with greater punch and impact.  Soundstage and details improved also.  Everything much smoother. I'm sure the Moon Audio or Whiplash are superior to the FiiO but pretty happy with the FiiO.  Maybe someday I'll try Moon Audio.  
  10. krismusic Contributor
    Hmmm. Beware placebo.
  11. sling5s
    I've listened to the JH13pro for six years with all different iPhone models, and amps and dacs.  I think I can tell by now. 
  12. 3nenbgumi
    @kris: I share your sentiment about the JH13's not wowing you. Unlike most of my previous IEMs which are normally emphasised at one range of the frequency spectrum or another, I found that with the 13's the FR is actually quite balanced and there's hardly anything sticking out to distract you from the overall picture. I guess this kind of presentation is what people would call boring, but there's something special about it that makes the 13's really involving, plus I can listen for hours without getting fatigued. It took a bit of time to realise, but it's really sinking in right now. 
  13. krismusic Contributor
    I'll reserve judgment until I have got to know these. I suspect that it is a sound that I can live with for many years.
    It will have to be. That's my disposable income gone for a good while!
    I have been enjoying my ACS T15's recently but I just switched between them and the 13's and the difference in scale and detail was remarkable.
    I'm still a bit taken aback by the quantity of bass. I don't think I would have liked the 16's.
    Although I was very impressed with the detail in the bass of the 16 demo unit.
    I've just got a bit of pain in one isolated spot. I don't think it is going to settle but I will give it chance. A shame as the fit is perfect otherwise. I have been enjoying my ACS T15's recently but I just switched to the 13's and the difference in scale and detail was remarkable.
    I've just got a bit of pain in one isolated spot. I don't think it is going to settle but I will give it chance. A shame as the fit is perfect otherwise.
    BTW. I also really like the physical quality of the cable. (Black)
    sling5s. I always really like the build quality of Fiio cables. We'll leave the cable debate to the Sound Science guys!
  14. Sludig
    I´d like to know if there any difference in sound between an original JH13 fp and a remold one. I can buy one of this, but I don´t know if sound should be same after reshell.
    Also, I´d like to know if you know some good place to reshell them with best quality.
  15. 3nenbgumi
    Same here mate. That did a number on my finance, but I guess it's justifiable for an endgame purchase. Maybe I'll go for another pair a few years down the road, but currently it's hard to imagine anything that'd be a complete upgrade to these 13's. Or I'd just have the mods ban my head-fi account on my own volition and live with them forever...
    I've also got a perfect fit on both ears but no pain. They are surprisingly more comfortable than my silicone T1's, which I suspect is due to the smaller nozzle size. Build quality is also excellent with no visible blemish/bubble that I could see so far, even though the shells feel a bit flimsy compared to my silicone-filled T1's
    There's pretty much no way to see if there's any difference between an original version and a remoulded one, due to the fact that even if you bought one used, there's not much a chance you could completely fit them into your ears because of different canal geometry so what you hear would just be an approximation of the intended sonic quality, thus no base of comparison with the sound after remoulding.
    But I guess if there is any change in sound, the difference would be at most minimal since most reshelling companies do endevor to retain the original sound by measuring the IEMs pre and post remoulding. Choice of company is dependent on where you are based, but UM is always a safe bet to go with.
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