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JH Audio doesn't do remolds...seriously???

  1. AndroidVageta
    Just contacted JH Audio about having one of the CIEM's remolded (previously owned JH16) and they're telling me:
    Seriously? One of the biggest CIEM manufacturers in the world and they won't remold their own IEM? Saying they "cannot remold and reuse old drivers"...as if it's some impossible task that every other CIEM company seems to do just fine.
    Just blows me away! I'm talking to Angie of customer relations...is she just wrong or is JH just that bad?
  2. whoever
    Another glorious JH moment? Just send it to another ciem company who is most happy to provide normal aftermarket service. ..
  3. shakur1996
    Yes, JH Audio doesn't do remolds of their own products.
    InEarz in USA is doing good job with remolds of JH Audio products. The same is done in Europe by Cosmic Ears. As I understand it both companies don't have problems with freqphase technology.
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  4. JAG87
    Why does it blow you away? It makes perfect sense from a business perspective.
    JH Audio re-shells as many times as you want for the original owner only. It's not worth the time of their resources to re-shell their own product (or any other brand) for a second owner. Most re-shell jobs cost max $250, and they make a much bigger profit margin on a new order (which they get plenty of) with basically the same amount of work involved. They have a hard time fulfilling orders in a timely fashion as it stands, which means the company is already working at maximum efficiency unless they raise prices, or somehow speed up their production line without additional hiring. Adding re-shelling service would lower profitability. Look elsewhere if you want to get customs re-shelled. There are plenty of labs and manufacturers that aren't as busy that offer the service.
  5. AndroidVageta
    So they're greedy and don't believe in good customer service unless you buy new. Gotcha. Seems like a great business to work with!
  6. JAG87
    Are these your JH16s? If so, send them back with some new impressions, pay $50, and they will happily re-shell them for you if necessary. But unless you had some major disfigurement, casting a whole new shell is almost never needed, they just add/remove material from the existing shell and re-polish.
    If this is not the case, then how is it greedy? It's their choice if they want to offer a second hand service or not. If you're a second owner, you are not their customer, they don't owe you anything.
  7. AndroidVageta
    Hey, they're free to do whatever they want. Still doesn't mean it isn't ****ty and lame. InEarz does it for $125 and doesn't give a hoot where they come from or if your a previous customer. That's good service. 
  8. JAG87
    No, that's just your egocentric way of thinking. It's literally like saying that because a car dealership doesn't service other brands, it's ****ty and lame.
    Go to Mr. Lube for that.
  9. soundstige
    Uh, no, it's not like that at all. It's literally like saying a car dealership won't service the car they sold me because I let my friend drive it. AKA,  nonsense.
  10. whoever
    This thread is going to be some fuuuuuuun!
  11. JAG87
    This has absolutely nothing to do with borrowing. It has to do with ownership. I guess all other manufacturers (of everything, not just headphones) who demand to see proof of original purchase before providing service are scammers too?
    And anybody in the service industry who chooses not to provide their service unless you meet their conditions is providing bad customer service? Say a lawn mower does not want to offer his grass cutting service to corner lots because they are not profitable for him. That automatically makes him a bad lawn mower?
    Help me understand.
  12. Ivabign

    Nah... more like your buddy sold you a Picasso and you go to Picasso and ask him to change the guy in the painting to an alien. You can commission Picasso to paint a picture of an alien, but not take the old painting and switch the guy on the horse into an alien walking down a ramp from his spaceship.....
    (I'm having fun, you know)
  13. RedJohn456
    Hey sorry to go OT, but I see that you're in Tdot too. May I ask where you got your ear impressions done? Did it take awhile for you to receive your order? Thank in advance! 
  14. JAG87

    I'm going to PM you
  15. AndroidVageta
    How would you say you JH16's stack up against your other gear? Just out of curiosity?

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