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JH Audio Angie Impressions and Discussion Thread

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  1. Mrcojocaru
    Hey guys!

    I've been reading through this thread and have been curious to see what people have moved on to. I feel that much has changed in IEM in the last few years and there might be something improved in this price range, but with a similar sound signature. I'm seeing the V2 on Amazon for 900, which isn't too bad at all though.
  2. SalvorHardin
    I've felt no need to move on. Perhaps the Lolas might stir your curiosity? Midrange pair of dynamic drivers.
  3. mathi8vadhanan
    +1. I've gotten used to the fit as well and I'm never letting these go. I've started venturing into the $100 - $200 chi-fi, which seems to be the happening place, right now. So many flavors to experiment without hurting the wallet.
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  4. singleended5863
    I got a pair of Angie II (full metal) and liked very much their musical warmth and thought that I will stop hurting my wallet but then I have tried to venture to different more high-end CIEMs like Unique Melody Miracle, Empire Ears Spartans and now EE Phantoms and found out this hobby is endless as I am trying to be curious how further I can go... again to burn my wallet. :slight_frown:
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  5. Mrcojocaru
    I'm hearing that a lot! I think I want to find a couple complimentary IEM's and try to be happy with that. I feel like I'm getting sucked in though!

    I have read polarizing thoughts on the Lolas. I was pretty excited about them until I ran into those. I've ordered an Andromeda S for my technical/vocal listening, and I have a DK3001 for thumping crazy bass, Rhapsodio Solar for... well that's an interesting one.
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  6. msuroo
    Just popping in to say hi and put a pin in this thread. Have had a pair of Angies for a couple years and have been really happy with them! Well, right up until my son shattered one of them, so it’s currently back in Orlando for repair. Looking forward to getting it fired back up!
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  7. mwhals
    Thinking about selling my Angie II and getting a custom Angie or other JH Audio IEM.
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  8. mwhals
    What JL Audio IEM would be a good complement to Angie? I am thinking maybe Lola or JH16 Pro.
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  9. SalvorHardin
    Perhaps Lola? the 16 pro would probably be just more of the same, whereas the Lola would be an interesting change with its dynamic drivers. That's just the way I'm thinking, not having heard either, and therefore, might be stepping to far. I'm just suggesting a way to look at the choice. I have no right to recommend a product I've not heard. But, that's the way I'd think if I were looking.
    And, doesn't the JH16 have older BAs, where the siren series have newer designed ones?
  10. mwhals
    The JH16 Pro had a major update in 2016 to v2, so its drivers are no older than Angie’s. They actually added 2 additional high drivers and updated the crossovers.
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  11. Paulo Abreu
    Hmmm... hmmm... I would agree with this, between those two I would go to Lola. But as you already own a JH IEM, wouldn't you consider a different taste? as you mentioned "Complement"... Campfire, Noble, etc, ?
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  12. mwhals
    Maybe a 64 Audio N8 for a different flavor. That doubles my ear impression costs though since I am sure JH Audio is not going to send their scans to another company. I want custom too, which Campfire Audio does not do. My Angie universal will be sold for a custom Angie as I am tired of dealing with tips.
  13. singleended5863
    Empire Ears Custom IEMs are excellent too. I own JH Angie II too but rarely touching them since I got EE Phantoms CIEMs.
  14. Paulo Abreu
    They look great and for sure sound even better! thanks for sharing
    Maybe one day I'll go custom but where I live I wouldn't trust nobody do make the impressions, at least if it is today as it was a few years ago when I looked at it.
  15. singleended5863
    If you get a chance to visit any of CanJam closer to your place the EE can do ear impression too.
    I did mine with a professional audiologist in my area. They fit accurately and comfortably.
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