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JH Audio Angie Impressions and Discussion Thread

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  1. olddude
    I love the sound out of the 240SS.  Wider soundstage, more defined bass, great mids and an upper end that makes me really happy.  Lots of detail everywhere, and lots of openness from all instruments and voices (I can hear more pretty much everywhere).  I loved the Angie/120ll, I love this more.  (Keep in mind I'm using a custom cable.)  
  2. 514077
    Gotta agree with you, regarding the Silver Dragon.  I've had to turn the bass to 3:00 from about 12:30 with the original.  The highs are so extended, not just loud to me; it's a whole new ballgame.  And I just realized how old this post was, but I had to respond: computer down for a while, y'know.
    Oh yes, and I also wore my complies in reverse.  The sound wasn't so damped down.
  3. 514077
    If I could chime in again, I have both still.  I use the 846s with blue filters with the tinsert removed.  I get a bright sound but without losing the bass with the whites.  That being said, I use the Angies almost exclusively.  Somewhere in the earlier posts on this thread, I wrote some opinions about both, saying that the Angies have better, clearer bass, which is somewhat separated from the rest of the spectrum with the 846.  My Sures are strictly bedtime use.  I can fall asleep with the shures in, not the Angies so much.  But the A's are so much more enjoyable to me.  HTH
  4. olddude
    I loved the 846 but just could not get the upper end I wanted- getting old (well, AM old) and highs are a bit rolled off  with the 846 and with me.
    The Angie has more upper end and, to me, better bass (more defined and with less bleed into the mids) but the 846 really has nice mids.  Angie mids aren't as lush, but are really good.  I just couldn't find a sweet spot with them, even with the Sensaphonic "tips."  The Angie has enough drivers that you can turn the bass pots up and the bass doesn't intrude on other frequencies.  It just feels a bit more lively and fun.
    With the Silver Dragon cable the detail goes up, bass tightens up, mids get a bit better, and the brightness improves.   It's just very very pricey.  I also have the Black Dragon (which I will be selling), and it was a bit warmer but still added detail.  
    With the 240SS everything got better.  With the Sony hybrid tips the Angie really delivers what the AK is putting out.  
  5. mikeral
    Considering buying Angies, can someone comment what's the major differences between Angie and Angie II.
  6. Dionysus

    It's mostly the esthetics and build qualty, better cable connectors, made by Moon Audio. The drivers are the same. So the SQ should be identical to the original.
  7. baglunch
    What size spinfit tips should I get for my Angies, if I am comfortable with the stock silicone tips?

    I just find I have to keep shoving them into my ears every 10 minutes or so, and I hope the spinfits might stay a bit better.
  8. zerolight
    Where's everyone running the bass control. I've been trying to find a balance that works for pop, rock, and metal. Sitting just under 1 o'clock just now. Much higher and I don't like the pressures I feel in my ears which detracts from the music.
  9. Skint

    I have it bang on 3pm. However ymmv. It works for all genres but I use a cowon player with the dsp.
  10. Paulo Abreu
    I have them around 2:30pm - sounds great out of my am3 balanced amp module on FiiO X7 - Everything flat on native music app.
  11. Dionysus
    Out of my AK380 CU I use it at 2 o'clock and that suits me well for all genre.
  12. zerolight
    Lots around 2 eh? I was about the same straight out of DFR. Bit less out of my iPhone direct. But I've wound it back further with the Mojo.
  13. PinkyPowers
    2 o'clock and 2:30 were my preferred positions when paired with the AK120ii. Nice and warm, yet still very clear and open.
  14. olddude
    With my AK 120ll, 3PM.  With my AK 240SS, a bit more than 2PM.  Silicon tips or Comply- that makes a difference as well.  Right now I'm using the Sony Hybrid silicon/foam and they give a pretty good punch.  With Spiral Dots I had the pots up (3+PM) a bit because I found the silicon a bit lacking in bass strength/timbre.
  15. WriterHead
    With reversed comply TS500 (to avoid the usual muffled sound by foam tips) 12h it's enough for me.
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