JH|5 PRO : Does anyone have these yet?
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Feb 10, 2008
I am wondering if anyone has a set of these that they can tell us about. I have been really happy with my ERo6i but I want a little bit more. My 6i hurt my ears after 30mins so I think customs are the way to go.
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I should be getting my new set of JH5Pro in the mail here within the next week or so. I'll let you know how they sound when I get them. I have a pair of Westone ES2s to compare. I also have used the old Shure E5s (dual driver universals). I've also used the old Shure universal single drivers with a set of Westone custom tips - did that for a long while back 8 years ago when I first started using IEMs. I also tried a set of Alien Ears and they just didn't work for me - exercised the 10 day guarantee and got my money back. Two of the guys in my band have them, one likes them fine and the other doesn't like his, but has never used any other custom.

The reason I chose the JH5Pro over the UE4Pro was because when I spoke with Jerry Harvey on the phone, he said that they'd most be comparable to the UE5Pro - I asked the question, would they compare more to the UE4s or 5s - he said the 5s, which are $250ish higher in price. Obviously, at that point, it was a no brainer, IMO, to purchase the JH5Pro. We'll see if the logic plays out well when I stick them in my ears........

I'll let you know.
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for comfort, customs are the way to go. i am deciding whether to also go for the jh5pro to compete against my sleek at least in the price range, but will probably not have that sussed out for a bit.

JH customs are certainly more comfortable than any universal I've owned or tried at length. I can wear them for hours, with no ear fatigue. Every universal I've ever tried made my ear canals sore after a while (some took just a few minutes, others upwards of an hour).

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