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JH-16 Pro, Help (need you to compare to yours).

  1. thapchild
    So, I bought my JH-16 back in October of '12, and the very first day I received them i replaced the cable with the cable from my TF10vi.  I have a few pictures of them with the original cable.  I'm pretty sure the cables had never been taken out in those pictures, and they show the dots facing up/back.  However I'm not 100% sure the cables weren't remove prior.  If they were I'm sure I would have put them back the way they came out.
    On the pictures the dots face back/up when inserted in your ear.  I confirmed this with Angie @ JH.  She said that the dot side was the positive side of the cable and should be facing up/back.
    Sounds good...  I tested with my multimeter and the pins that are on the dot side are in-fact positive.  Awesome... right? welll.... not so much.
    If I look at the wiring inside my IEM (they are transparent) I see that the positive left pin plugs into the "red" internal wire inside the IEM.  Red has always been positive in every speaker application I've ever seen my entire life.  So all is good on the left side in my opinion...  But on the RIGHT IEM, the positive wire pin plugs into the green wire inside the IEM, and the ground pin on the wire plugs into the red wire inside the IEM... this is backwards from what I'd expect. Red is always positive... ground plugging into red?...  Did my IEMs get wired backwards?
    So to better understand what i'm saying i made a mess of a picture in photoshop.
    Can someone with clear JH-16 please confirm your red/green wiring on the inside? and confirm how they shipped with the cable dot orientation?
    Mine are freaq-phase, if that makes a difference.
    Here's my mess of a pic:  This is a pic of the RIGHT iem, inserted in my ear, with the green wire on top, and red on bottom.
  2. JAG87
    If one of your monitors was wired out of phase, you would notice a terrible imbalance between left and right sides. Unless both are wired out of phase (making things a little more difficult to detect, but still obvious if you A/B), one channel out of phase should be immediately apparent.
  3. thapchild
    Thats the problem.  With normal speakers, i 100% agree... you can hear it out of phase instantly.  I could walk in a room and tell you that a speaker was out of phase... but with the iem's in your ear, isolated.. you can't tell that much difference.  I  A/B switching the right IEM's cable back and fourth, I think the way the shipped sounds slightly better, but it's far from drastic... extremely far.  I'm assuming my brain doesn't care about the phase as much, and since the sound waves aren't colliding with each other it's not as apparent.
    Either way, I think they sound better the way they shipped, just wondering if anyone else's is like this.
  4. thapchild
    Anyone out there with a clear pair of JH16? Help me confirm?
  5. tf1216
    Try googling clear JH16s.
    Here are a few shots.

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