JH 16/13 by Unique Melody
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Apr 9, 2012
There's a story to these, so keep reading. But to be clear these are a JH16 made wholly by UM Labs. Now, story. 
I bought a used set of JH16's to reshell. They were tracked and marked delivered at UM Labs in China. After a short while i contacted UM to see how they were coming with the reshell to which they replied "we don't have them". They said they never received them. Gave them a month to find them. Nothing. Came to an agreement that they would make me their version of the JH16 with the same drivers as the real JH16, except the bass drivers. They are different as JH makes their own. So they put in 4 bass drivers they had. They bass is between the 16's and the 13's, which is why i wrote the ad the way i did. I am however a bit of a basshead and these have a more accurate bass than i hoped (and payed) for. I have the UM Merlin and i wanted a balanced armature version of them. Not quite. At this time i'm just looking to cut my losses and sell them. They are new. I just tested them for an afternoon. So if you like the jh13 sound and want maybe a bit more bass, or you like the jh16 and want a little less, these are for you. 
Anyway, ask any questions. I purchased a new cable as well so everything is literally brand new. Get these reshelled at somewher like InEarz and for a total of about $500 you have a killer sounding ciem.
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