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  1. funnelchest
    I sold Jeremy my PreSonus Central Station. Having no prior feedback, I was a little hesitant at first but he communicated well and the transaction went very smoothly. I can safely say now Jeremy is a valuable new member of the community and I highly recommend him.
  2. brn80
    Jeremy bought my Beyerdynamic pleather earpads. He was prompt and courteous in our email correspondence and once he decided on the purchase, I received payment immediately. Another successful trade for jeremyzone on Head-fi; wouldn't hesitate to do business with again. Cheers !
  3. SemiAudiophile
    Jeremy purchased HD650 and Zu cable from me. He communicated effectively, responded to my PM's and paid very promptly. I would definitely do business with him again and highly recommend. Thanks and enjoy!!
  4. Horio
    Jeremy purchased a Little Dot MKIV with Hytron tubes from me. He was polite, responsive and a pleasure to deal with. The entire transaction went smoothly and quickly. I would definitely do business with Jeremy again.

    Thanks again!
  5. lxxl
    I bought Jeremy's Presonus Central Station, smooth transaction, fast response and great person to deal with, you'll have no problem dealing with Jeremy.
  6. AdaRma
    I bought Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro headphones from Jeremy. The whole process went really fast. Super fast response before, during and after the sale.

    Jeremy sent the headphones just a few hours after he received the payment. The headphones were heavily protected against damage inside the package, so regardless of how the shipping company handled the package, the goods would have arrived in great condition.

    Great condition as advertised! Would definitely recommend to do business with Jeremy!

    Thank you
  7. nurxhunter
    One could not ask for a nicer, more professional buyer. We had a brief conversation on the unit, he trusted when I told him about upgrades and sound quality of the amp. He paid immediately and communicated very well after the sale.

    Possibly my best experience on Headfi selling to JZ.

    Thanks, Jeremy.
  8. ebxchange
    I bought Beyerdynamic 990 600 ohm from Jeremy. He is very professional and packed the headphone very well, he even took his time to double-boxed the headphones to ensure safety. He also bought insurance for the package so that I can have peace of mind, and I received the headphones in excellent condition. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !
    Thanks a lot for a smooth transaction.
  9. strobeshow
    bought a pair of headphones off jerermy. everything went really well, and a very pleasant transaction. thanks again man!
  10. rosgr63
    I bought Jeremy's SP amp.
    Jeremy is courteous, excellent communicator, very helpful and understanding.
    The amp and extras ware shipped promptly, well packed, and are in excellent condition.
    I couldn't hope for a better person to buy from.
    Thanks so much Jeremy, you're first class.

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