Jeff Healey passes away.
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Jun 21, 2001
I don't think he garnered much in the way of international recognition, but the world just lost another great Rock/Blues/Jazz guitarist on Sunday with the passing of Jeff Healey. Blind since one year old, Jeff taught himself guitar in a very unconventional fashion ( he played it on his lap, pushing the frets straight down from above.) If you've ever seen or heard Jeff play, you already know how amazing he was. He'll be missed.

Musician Jeff Healey dies of cancer
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Sorry about that Glendale, I didn't notice the other thread.


He was the guy in "Roadhouse", right?


Jeff used to live in my neighbourhood and his wife used to come in to pick up her orders at the Sears Catalogue Outlet I used to own. Their daughter, who was just a toddler at the time, would always start crying when they came in .... because she thought our office space was a doctor's office.
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R.I.P. Jeff!
You will be remembered...
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I knew he was blind, but it wasn't until I read of his death that I learned that cancer had stalked him throughout his life. At times like this, I am so ashamed at how much of my life I have devoted to feeling sorry for myself.

A great musician. A brave man. RIP.

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