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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by Mshenay, Nov 15, 2018.
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  1. maxxevv
    As mentioned, depends on your playback source.

    I have a few DACs that I have played around with the Atom while using the HD800. I also occasionally connect my handphone a LG G6 Quad to the Atom with a RCA adaptor.
    They all sound adequately pleasing to my ears. I tried connecting my friend's handphone, an older Samsung S5. It didn't sound adequate.
    I didn't try the line-in option on the Atom, so perhaps it might work well/better with that.

    Suggestion would be to try with whatever source you have to plug into the Atom first before launching into a DAC.

    And forgot to add, the Atom drives the HD800 very well indeed.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2019
  2. onslash
    I would get the khadas tone board , it uses usb power and usb data an is only $99. Its really alot better than the price suggest. If you want something with a case , get the topping d30
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  3. onslash
    The lg quad dac is really good thats why. Its significantly better than normal phones /computer on board dac
  4. bequietjk
    Oh yeah I can agree. My LGV20 sounds great!
  5. Caguioa
    I am thinking of pairing it up with 100$ dac aswel

    I do get hissing sound form my pc, but aslong as it runs it well,
    what would be difference I would be hearing "if" I ever wanted to invested in something big like huge2 ($2000 range)

    also my main source right now are flac/mp3 and basically my amp...is gaming amp from astro
  6. onslash
    In general a cleaner dac will give you lower noisefloor , better seperation between instruments , lower distortion (cleaner and more precise sound. If you do get the atom , the khadas toneboard or topping d30 should fit your budget and the difference should be noticeable from your current setup. "Gaming amps" aren't very clean.

    Believe it or not a $2000 dac doesn't always mean its better than say a $300 dac. Imo the difference between onboard dac vs a khadas tone board is more noticable than a good dac vs a $2000 (probably overpriced dac)
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2019
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  7. Take that "you don't need a dac" crap back to reddit.
  8. Have you heard a 2k dac?
  9. elira
    I don’t see the need for your hostility.
  10. onslash
    Yes , i have heard a few dac costing even upwards of $2000. A few of them includes the sony flagship dac/amp (was only exclusive to japan at the time , schiit yggy. I also tried a few of my dad's dac the most expensive being the vitus audio masterpiece dac which unfortunately retails for 24000 pounsterling.
  11. Shout out to JDS for servicing my Atom in a quick and painless manner. For whatever reason I had a horrible channel imbalance in low gain that was a mechanical issue of some kind with the switch. They diagnosed with one email, gave me RMA and send it back in a week. I didn't have to fight anyone and didn't have to pay extra. It's now back and flawless. Thanks JDS Labs.
  12. Mendel
    Or you can get the Khadas with a case.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2019
  13. Mendel
    Atom amp was the first to arrive to me out of the stuff I ordered. Trying it with one of my old headphones, since the new ones haven't arrived yet. It seems to work great most of the time, but it has some weird bugs/quality issues. Sometimes when I turn the knob all the way down it makes the click but the power led stays on. Sometimes when I turn it back on, there is a very unpleasant loud pop that I can hear in my headphones. Now that I keep turning the amp off and on in order to find if there is any logic to it... it works fine and I can't get either problem to manifest again. I hope they keep out :)

    Other than that, dem ye olde Sennheiser HD518 cans have never sounded this good before :)

    edit: I'd like to add now (more than a week later), the amp turns off correctly every time now, the problem has not occurred again after the first half an hour of that first day.
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2019
  14. onslash
    Its a common issue with the atom im told , its because of the relay sticking , give it a knock or tap it should fix itself. If not rma it and jds team should send u a new one
  15. bcaulf17
    Hi everyone!

    I got a Magni 3 to pair with my new HD6XX back in September of last year, as it was the most frequently recommended amp at that price at the time (especially with the HD6XX). Of course, the Atom comes out only two months later and of course, it gets rave reviews and seems to have made the Magni 3 obsolete.

    As of right now, with my HD6XX and B&O H6 I don’t have issues with the Magni but I also don’t have anything else to compare it to. I’ve read some say the Magni is a little on the brighter side (it did notice this going from MacBook alone to Magni 3>MacBook, a little more zing but very small difference). I’m wondering if I should still replace the Magni with the Atom, for it’s cleaner and more transparent response on top of the countless accolades. I’m also getting a DT 177X soon, which I’m gonna assume might be a bit bright itself. I do love the build of the though. Would it be worth going through the hassle of shelling out the cash to replace the Magni and try to sell it?

    Also, how does the Atom compare to the Liquid Spark? I read that the Spark is more colored.
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