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JDS Atom Or Magni 3: Should I get Atom if I already have a Magni?

  1. bcaulf17
    So, I got the Magni 3 last year in September to go with my new HD6XX, not much was known about the Atom yet and the Magni was still considered the best budget amp, especially for the Senns. But now that the Atom has been out it’s been getting outstanding reviews and is now the value amp king.

    Because of this, would the Atom be worth getting to replace the Magni 3 or should I just stick with the Magni? I have the Sennheisers which sound good with the Magni but I’ve heard some people call the Magni a bit bright, and I’m getting the DT 177X which I worry will sound too bright with the Magni. Or will there be no difference between the two?

    Anyone with an opinion on this would be appreciated; especially if someone has heard the two to compare!

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