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JBL Flip Black [ IMPRESSION ]: BEST portable Speaker ever!!!

  1. BillsonChang007

    So just now, when I was having my English period, my teacher played us some classical songs and some pop songs for some reason. She pulled out her iPad Mini and the speaker. It's a very tiny little speaker and I wasn't expecting any good sound from it at all.

    The moment she hit the play button, I was like "OMG!!" In my mind! How can a small speaker like this can play so loud (I was sitting at the very back ) and yet, maintaining to quality of it there. I can't hear any vibrating sound of the drivers as I heard on my X-Mini and some other portable speakers I happen to came across.

    The next big thing I noticed is how natural the vocals are and the details of it! I feel like the artist is singing right at where the speaker sit. Instruments sound natural to me as well although I find it slightly behind the vocals! I was totally surprised as I thought this is impossible with portable speakers but hey! JBL proved to me again! My dad car is using some JBL speakers and it offers the very natural sound and smooth sound!

    The only few things that I do not like out of these JBL Flip is that the soundstage is a bit lagging, instrument separation feel like it is sticked together with a super glue. Imaging was not bad if you stand closer but as you stand further, you feel like the sound is coming in only one direction. However, considering the size, we should not expect good soundstage, instrument separation and imaging. Also, the bass was a bit on the uncontrolled side.

    All and all is a extremely good speaker and I think my next upgrade will be JBL home speaker as they never fail to impress me from my dad's car speaker to this small little portable speaker. How I wish I can qucikly grab one of these and write up a full review here and let these portable speaker SHINE!!! Seriously thought, I hardly hear any reviews on these ( or is it that I read less on speakers than headphones? ).

    Anyway, it's a little bit late now here! Will add more details about these speakers tomorrow and you all should really give it a listen! I am not at all working for anyone, I am just a student who is sharing his own impression on a very good speaker! XD

    Hope you enjoy!
    Billson :D
  2. MrTechAgent
    They do sound pretty decent .... pretty good actually  , JBL sent me the flip and the Micro II for review (I have a YouTube channel)
    I was impressed for the money but when the rukus came out , its features were just more overwhelming IMO. (Don't know how they sound)
    Enjoy listening  [​IMG]
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  3. BillsonChang007
    Yep! I really like how amazing is Mark Levinson's products xD
  4. Theta Alpha 1
    I think it seems a bit expensive for a portable speaker.
  5. cel4145

    Might want to research on some home audio forums before you do. In my experience, JBL home audio speakers are rarely (if ever) recommended by home audio enthusiasts. JBL is not the best bang for the buck unless a series is on closeout pricing or you somehow otherwise get a really good deal.
  6. BillsonChang007

    Whut... My local cinema, if I am not mistaken, are using the JBL speaker and althought does not have good vocals but the surround was not all that bad and it's "explosions" sound reall lively!

    What are some good home audio speakers brand?
    Billson :)
  7. cel4145

    Yeah, well I was guessing you (as with most people) wouldn't be shopping for speakers in the commercial movie theater speaker price range :wink:

    As with headphones, the best bang for your buck depends on your budget. Best to consult a home audio forum like AVS forum or AVforums when you are ready to buy :)
  8. BillsonChang007

    "When you are ready" sounds scary these days HAHAHAHAHA xD

    I see Jude in the new Head-Fi buying guide seem to like the PSB 2.0 speakers. Might as well look into it when I have the chance!
  9. cel4145


    Well with home audio speakers, there are often some brands that have major discounts off MSRP. So best value is really often dependent on when you are ready to buy. Then there are of course Internet direct speaker vendors to consider that often are some of the best values. For example, look into Arx A1b and Ascend Acoustics CBM-170 SE.

    But now that you have mentioned the PSB 2.0, sounds like you are not looking for strictly home audio speakers, but speakers for nearfield use. Lots of decisions to make when it comes to that, just like headphones. Active vs. passive speaker/amp setup. Whether or not you want room filling sound to along with the nearfield use and good bass; smaller drivers desktop speakers are generally not a good choice for that. You would need a sub, and lots to learn about subs, too. It's a whole new hobby to embrace :)
  10. BillsonChang007

    YES! Yes! I been asking myself regarding the active vs passive speakers... It was a lot harder than close vs open headphones... I think I am mostly set on getting a 2.0/2.1 to start off with althought I'm afraid I will not like the sound as I am used to higher-end models. Gonna start with the PSB imagine series maybe? [Somehow, liking PSB products as much as I like Sennheiser & AKG after listening to PSB M4U2 in passive]

    Anyway, gonna wait and see if I have the luck to test some speakers before purchasing...

    Billson :)
  11. xtrips
    I just bought the Flip II (2) and since it will mainly sit by my bed I was wondering if it could be hooked up to the charger and left charging permanently.
    I could not find any official info from JBL anywhere about his question.
  12. Wisor
    I am changing my internet contrcat at my ISP.
    I can get a free JBL FLIP 3 or -36€ on the bill for period of one month.
    So basicly is this speaker worth 36€ ? :)
  13. zeppe25
    how to charging JBL Flip? The led it should be blue or red?

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