Jazz headphones 150 bucks
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Apr 13, 2009
My stepfather's birthday is coming up soon, and he loves to listen to jazz as well as play the keyboard. He is a mac user, So I thought I would get him some nice things for his music, and already decided to get him an Apogee One for his mac book, but I need to find some suitable headphones for jazz. The price cannot exceed 150 bucks, so the flagship Shure's are not an option. They also should be very comfortable.
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I'm in love with my Yamaha orthos for jazz...don't know what the street price on those is these days (they've been out of production for a good long time, so the used market's crazy).
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If you can track down a nice used AKG K-501, those are terrific jazz headphones and extremely comfortable.

If not, the Sony MDR-V6/7506 is a nice choice. I had the MDR-V6 for a long time and really enjoyed them.
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You can get the HD580 used for around $150-$180 and it excels with smooth music like Jazz.
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what kind of jazz does he listen to?
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Originally Posted by Uncle Erik /img/forum/go_quote.gif
If you can track down a nice used AKG K-501, those are terrific jazz headphones and extremely comfortable.

Nothing's better than the K501 for Jazz in this price range.
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Duh, the HD555 by a mile.

I love my HD595s for jazz, so the 555 could be a good call if you can't find the 595s for close enough to $150.
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If my guess is right he's more towards classic swing...

So I would really advise towards more details-orientated sound rather than the usual smooth jazz sound people relate to as "jazz".

Thus still for the 7506/V6, or I'd second K501
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What about the k240MKII? The 240DF are awesome hps for jazz and just about anything else if you can live without a lot of bass...however they are no longer made. The k240MKII has better bass FWIR and is probably nearly as good as the DF in other areas. If your listening includes jazz vocals I would recommend the AKG's over the Sonys any day.
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Hi Scott.

I'm a bit confused by your question. When you mentioned the Shures, were you referring to the IEM or the headphone?


If you're looking for a headphone and he doesn't need them to be closed I'd recommend the AT AD700 headphones. I think they sound great for jazz, are easy to drive, and are really comfortable.

And they're available new. Personally, I can't see giving something used as a gift.

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