JAVS UHF-1 USB TranspoDAC & DAC-1 Overture USB
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Oct 31, 2008
Has anyone heard of JAVS or tried their JAVS UHF-1 USB TranspoDAC or DAC-1 Overture USB DACs? They both use a Tenor TE7022L for USB processing, which is unknown to me.

Hungry's Blah :: UHF-1 USB TranspoDAC 필드테스트 2008.04.03

DAC-1 Overture USB Specifications


1. Name: JAVS DAC-1 Overture USB
2. Concept: DAC with USB input
3. Key specifications and features:

* Max 24bit/192khz SPDIF input: coax (coaxial) optic (optical) combo receiver 1 gae (SPDIF input -> SPDIF output support)

* Max 24bit/96khz bit-perfect SPDIF output (USB transport): coax (coaxial) optic (optical) combo transmitter 1 gae

* 24bit/192kHz upsampled SPDIF output (USB input, coax / optic input)

* 3.5mm mini plug-toslink optical adpter 2 Bundled gae

* TI SRC4382 high-end combo sample rate converter: 32kHz ~ 192kHz input support

* SPDIF & USB input bypass, 192kHz upsampling support with SRC4382

*-1ppm 24.576MHz TCXO for SPDIF input

* Tenor TE7022L usb audio controller

*-1ppm 12.000MHz TCXO for USB input to SPDIF/I2S output

* 2 RCA jack LINE INPUT (LINE input-> LINE output and headphone output support)

* AKM AK5386 24bit/192kHz ADC

* LINE Input OPAMP: 1pc 8pin DIP opamp (LME49860NA) with socket

* 2 RCA jack LINE output - anti-pop circuit support

* Triple OPAMP fully differential output: 3pcs 8pin DIP opamp (LME49860NA) with socket

* TI (Burr Brown) PCM1796 24bit/192kHz 123dB DAC

* 6.35mm headphone jack 1 Dog / aluminum cutting fixed nut

* 3.5mm headphone jack 1 gae

* Volume control & knob
1) headphone with volume control 2) line output fixed level of output 3), line-out variable-level output, the volume - to control output
* Line-out fixed / variable-level output to the select slide switch

* Aluminum cutting the volume knob

* MUTE (red) / NO SIGNAL (orange) / NON-PCM (orange) / PCM (pure green) / 192kHz upsampling (pure green) LED display

* Source select: USB-ANALOG-DIGITAL - 3 position toggle switch & 3 position LED (green)

* LINE output mute on / off - toggle switch (headphone output, regardless of the LINE output mute hangsangchulryeokdoem)

* Standby / Power on - toggle switch & dual color LED (standby-red/power on-blue)

* SPDIF / USB input bypass, 192kHz upsampling - toggle switch

* DC 9V ~ 12V power input

* 12V 1.5A DC adapter bundle offer

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Kane Williams

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Jul 10, 2008
It appears that both these DAC's will accept upto 24/96 signals at the USB input!!!

I think these devices are just what I've been looking for. The TranspoDAC is about £60-£70, and double that for the DAC-1. Both devices seem like they use good parts (experts please correct or confirm my assumptions) and have low jitter clocks. I think Overture has a 1ppm one and the UHF a 5ppm one?

The Overture can do more, including upsampling (SPDIF out as well as analogue I think). It has a coaxial SPDIF input as well as the USB and I wonder if I could have both my PC connected to the USB input and my CD transport connected to the SPDIF and then take one coaxial SPDIF output into my Xindak DAC-5. This way, I can avoid Optical input into my DAC-5 (it only has one coaxial and one optical).

Would taking a CD player into this device (SPDIF) and out again (SPDF) add jitter, or could it in fact reduced jitter by re-clocking?

I'm excited!!
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Aug 2, 2006
I've tried to purchase product with the promise that I'll share the reviews.

I got a message back from them stating (paraphrased) that they have some difficulty in selling directly to me.

They told me that they'll let me know as soon as they have an English-Speaking distributor / marketing agent.

I don't understand why this needs to be so difficult. I give you money, you put the product into a DHL/FED-Ex package and we're good. No?

I really want one of these...seems like they've done the design right. However, I'm not going to patiently wait forever for them to setup marketing and distribution...

For reference here's the response I got:

"Hi, Mattthew Wood.
I am very sorry lately reply for your e-mail.
At this time, I want sell to you directly.
We have some problem of the directly sell to you.
So I Will inform to you as soon as possible oversea marketing distributor.
Thank you for your our product.

Sincerely, "
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May 11, 2009

New poster here, some time lurker.

Since I don't often get the chance to sit down in front of my stereo, what with a young child, I'd been looking around for a suitable upgrade to make listening to music through my Mac and 'phones a more enjoyable experience. I listen to a wide range of music, from Lisa Gerrard to Rammstein, Tori Amos to Paganini.

I'd gone through the usual suspects mentioned here, plus looked at several options in the local shops. I had ordered a Styleaudio DAC/Amp, but the supplier couldn't deliver. I then spotted this unit on eBay for a reasonable price, and decided to take a punt after reading some amusing computer translated reviews...

I've had the unit a few weeks now, and have run it in just by listening. I reckon its about right now.

I have to say I'm more than happy with the purchase. The sound quality through this unit is a big improvement compared to straight out the Mac and into the 'phones (Sennheiser HD455). I've hooked it up via optical and via USB. I think it sounds slightly better (cleaner, better definition) through the USB, but this could equally be due to burn in, since I first tried optical, then USB. I've settled on having it upsample, though I doubt I could tell the difference in a blind test

I'm no audio reviewer, but the best way to sum up my experience with this unit is that I forget I'm listening to the music through a computer. I'm sure a Perreaux USB DAC and Headphone Amp setup would sound better, but then it would also cost more deskspace, not to mention put a much larger dent in my wallet
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Mar 12, 2010
AFAIK JAVS made the Dr. Dac nano and prime unit for ESI, and they also release those under their brand with nanoS and DAC-1 Overture names.
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Aug 21, 2010
I got my self their DAC-2 March and it sounds pretty nice. Bright, warm and accurate sound after 24 hours of burning in (hope it gets better further on), sometimes the bass seems articulated too much (bassy DT 770PRO?). Good dynamics. At the begining it sounded more harsh and flat probably.
Still have trouble with the 192 kHz performance. I have it connected to my PC through coaxial output in my ESI Waveterminal 192M PCI - 1 meter Klotz AC110 cable and Nakamichi plugs. Up to 176 kHz it's ok, at 192 the DAC displays "No Signal". My ESI Waveterminal DAC plays 192 with no problem. Any ideas?

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