Japan-only AT cans dealer will sell & ship to the US!
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Strangequark's first post, at http://head-fi.com/forums/showthread...threadid=10852
is about a US company with a new site. The US firm will sell Japan-only cans & stuff to the US, shipped from their supplier in Japan. They sell several Japan-only AT cans, and are adding more!

Go directly to http://www.audiocubes.com/index.php?cPath=23_36 to see them. They have the Titanium model posted, and some open-air models.


They responded immediately to an inquiry, and here's the great news in their response:


We already have the prices for the W100, AD9, and AD10. We will add them into our website today and tomorrow. As for the leather pads for the W2002, I will forward you email to our supplier and they will probably have them in stock in a few days. Thank you for your suggestion. We are a new website (but we have been in the business for a long time) so please help us spread the words. Thanks.

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say, don't those Aiwas look awfully similar to the Sony F1? they're obviously not the exact same headphone, but the design is almost identical.
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Neruda wrote: Quote:

say, don't those Aiwas look awfully similar to the Sony F1? they're obviously not the exact same headphone, but the design is almost identical.

I thought the same thing when I saw the picture. Doesn't Sony own Aiwa now?

I read more on the site -- they're actually located in Japan, but they're set up to ship to the US. (I edited the string title.)
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I just checked their site again, and the W100 is already there!
mmm... wood

let's see, just need to sell my stereo, tv, dvd player...
hmm... maybe I'll try the F-1 looking Aiwas instead
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those At phones look soo classy and beautiful

dang it wish i won that 92,000,000+ California Lottery Jackpot.

I'd snatch up the Ti Limited Edition and the W100's

i wonder how much for shipping...
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They e-mailed me the following; note that they're willing to try and get other Japan-only items:


Thanks for the message. I will add a link to headfi in our website. I have also checked the message you've posted in headfi. Our supplier is located in Japan. We are, however, a US based company. What we do is basically have our supplier send the products out to all destinations worldwide. This way, we don't have to deal with overhead spent in storing these import products (Japan itself is our warehouse). We can then reduce the cost of maintaining an active warehouse in the US and reflect in the price.

Feel free to browse to our parent website - MiniDisc T-Station
(www.minidisct.com) and check on etailer review Hyper Jack. These reviews are writen by customers who have shopped from our supplier Hyper Jack. I hope this clears up some confusion here. If you have more questions, feel free to ask me anytime. Also, if you or other headphone enthusiasts want a particular product from Japan, feel free to let me know and I will see what I can do. Thank you.


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Strangequark, JML,

Thanks! This is great news! Finally: Japanese headphones available all over the world. Cool. Let's hope they'll carry AT's future limited edition wood models as well.

I have been quite fond of my old Audio Technica ATH-A5, which I find more enjoyable than the HD580/600 or the K501. The current closed entry-level full-size model of AT is the ATH-A55. I guess for US$99 it'll be a very tough competitor.
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Originally posted by acidtripwow
Hey, those Pioneer headphones look kinda cool.

Who’s going to be the Guinea Pig and try these?


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