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Jan Meier

  1. tattoou2
    Although Jan's reputation as an amp builder, businessman, and most charitable contributor to Head-Fi has been affirmed and confirmed many times, I just want to give him a shoutout for the excellent, fast service in delivering my new amp. Six days from Germany to Florida, well packaged, secure, and sounding great. Thank you, Jan!
  2. one-eyed-xander
    Another shoutout to Jan Meier from me.

    My Corda Move amp was just out of warranty when it died. After I sent him some photos of the circuit board, Jan diagnosed the fact that the power supply had blown. He offered to repair it for free (plus shipping of course). Not only that but he kept in constant communication via email throughout the whole process.

    Absolutely first-class service, could not be happier.
  3. dadozen
    Already bought a lot of stuff from him( Corda 2Move, Corda Headsix, Corda Cantate.2, Nuforce Icon HDP ) and he always replied my emails with everything I needed to know.
    Fast shipping, and always got what I bought in excellent conditions, extremely well packed.
    Will do business again without a doubt.
  4. Del Griffith
    I too have bought from Jan a few times. Always great and super fast service. Germany to Mi U.S. within a week after payment.Highly recommended. Great sounding amps too...
  5. Uncle Erik Contributor
    I have also bought from Dr. Meier a few times. Nothing but excellent service and I think highly of his products.

    I should also mention that several years ago, Dr. Meier gave away circuit boards and front/back plates for the Corda Cross I. He sent me two sets and I used them to build two of them. It was an extremely generous gesture and I always have a Cross I hooked into my system - one piece of equipment that has lasted through a number of system changes.
  6. gopack87
    I ordered a Stepdance from Jan and his communication and customer service were great.  The amp shipped the same day I ordered it and arrived a couple days later. Great businessman!
  7. Dr J
    Also highest grade to Jan for customer service and help beyond call of duty with the excellent Corda Stepdance amp, first in delivering the amp and then helping with considerable effort to sort out a problem that was not even covered by warranty!
    Dr J
  8. Mediahound
    Another thumbs up for Jan. He is very responsive in answering questions and ships quickly. 
  9. esn89
    This thumbs up for Jan Meier is waaaay over due.  I bought some FS ROOM headphone stands and an HD800 from him earlier this year and he is very fast and detailed in his emails.  The prices were great and the shipping time was very good considering that it came from Germany to Canada.
    I would definitely recommend and purchase from again.
  10. Muinarc
    A bump for Jan. I recently ordered a Corda Jazz from him and the communication was excellent.
  11. punit
    Have a Quikstep & just bought Daccord. Great guy to deal with.
  12. SunTanScanMan
    Bought the Classic and Daccord, the Beyerdynamic T1, and the Meier RCA cable from Jan. It was my first dip into audio gear, and it was a pleasure to deal with him every step of the way. Very prompt and courteous email replies, and took his time to give advice on gear. The delivery from Germany to the UK was very fast. Ordered Friday late morning and everything arrived on Tuesday the next week.
    Will definitely be buying from him again
  13. gimmeheadroom
    Jan Meier is a great guy, knowledgeable and patient, communicative, responsive, very helpful...and his stuff is tops. Another happy customer from Czech Republic :)

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