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Jade II Discussion

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by oneguy, Sep 30, 2018.
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  1. dill3000
    Well, the first time I heard the Jade II on a different amp - was at London CanJam 2019. I was so curious about how far the headphones could scale - I borrowed some Jade II’s for 15 minutes and I went over to HeadAmp and headed straight for the Blue Hawaii Special Edition. They scaled very well! I could hear the quality of the amp, so enjoyable! I recently heard the Jade II on the Shangri La Jr and the Shangri La Senior - both times the Jade II scaled with the amplification. The Jade II is a great headphone, it would keep its sound signature characteristics but just improve on things.
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  2. jamato8 Contributor
    Listen to the Jade II out of the LTA Z10e, an extremely fine electrostatic and dynamic headphone amplifier. The II sound excellent, as good as anything I have heard, when amped with a high end amp, that includes the top of the line Stax.
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  3. phaeton70
    cannot agree more, this little baby can scale really in an incredible way with amps (and sources), to the level of a 009 and more.....
    only drawback I have found, they are really VERY sensitive to the amp used, in the sense that 009 can sound very well starting with a much lower level amp like for example an old Stax T1W, while Jade2 really need something at BHSE/KGGG/Carbon level to shine as they can.
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  4. Ithilstone
    Some time ago I applied ti take part in Jade 2 review tour. Thanks to Hifiman
    Box with Jade System arrived today from UK ;] Massive thanks to Hifiman

    So just very briefly initial thoughts:
    As we have cold temperatures here (around 0C) both amp and HPs felt ice cold on removing from boxes.
    Just to be safe I waited 6 painful hours for it to worm up to room temperature and to be sure no condensation inside could cause any problems
    So at first:
    PC > Grace m9xx > NVA P50SA passive pre amp > Jade amp > Jade HP
    (Grace is on full output - 99.)
    I can barely listen to music on more than 70% volume on the amp
    In my opinion there is no volume output level problem with the Jade amp.

    Quick tests with: The Ultimate Headphone Test (Original Audiocheck Test Tones) by myNoise
    HPs go down nicely to 20Hz and up to 18.5kHz (what is probably my hearing limit)
    That put to bed my worries about lack of low end on those also confirmed with:
    "Messenger 2000" from Army of Mushrooms by Infected Mushroom
    and "Why so serious" from Dark Knight OST
    It is not a HE6 or HEK level but easily Ananda level if not a bit more.
    From what I read I can only imagine how much better it sounds with better amp ;] ( even though I have no complains about Jade amp
    - I think it is save to say that those HPs scale with better amps as was stated by many people that were lucky enough to have opportunity to try)

    Next Jade vs Arya
    Arya powered by NVA headphone amp with oversized PSU. Both system connected to and passive pre
    DACs used R2R2000 and Grace m9xx - volume matched (by ear so not really scientific I know)
    R2R 4.4 to RCA Line out output = Grace @ 73. on digital volume scale

    During this comparison I notices that Jade amp gets very warm - left side more than tight one - hope it is normal. Any other users can confirm?

    Both systems sounds very good I think Jade has bigger sound stage, bit more resolution and is quite faster
    - Still on some tracks I am struggling to recognise which one I have on my had - just not on every part of every song differences are immediately obvious - It is not night and day and both are very good
    Also Jade has wider sound stage but voices are a bit more intimate if that's make sense
    Very initial impression I think on vocal tracks I like Jade more;]
    Way more to come stay tuned...
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  5. Ithilstone
    After today's session I will add one more think - those are THE MOST comfortable full size HPs I have ever had on my head.
    I am not too fussed about comfort, after all I "suffered" original HE6 for years without complain, but I need to admit Jade 2 are something special
  6. forestitalia
    I'm interested in the jade mostly because the inviting price, but if needs an amp of several thousands $ to excel, I'm cutted down.
    I really don't wanna go back to 30kg amplifier on my desk....
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2019
  7. phaeton70
    JadeII do not really need a totl ampli, with the JadeII amplifier they sound really well. but of course, as usual with any totl can, if you really want to squeeze down to the last bit of performance out of these incredible can, you ned a totl amplifier.... but that's true also with cans like Utopia, LCD4, etc... so nothing special here, apart the price of the can :D
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  8. forestitalia
    Mmm, Utopia worked well even with my dap, Lcd4 not.
    However I hoped the Jade were easier to drive, no prob :footprints:
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  9. Ithilstone
    Jade 2 sounds way better than my old stax system that came with similar price: Stax SR-404 Signature and SRM-323II amp Those cans needed way better amp to sounds anywhere near good
    and Jade 2 as mentioned above do not need better amp for you to enjoy them out of the box.

    From what a lot of people said if you want to squeeze every little drop of performance out of those HPs they will scale very well with better amps.
    So if you buy it you will know that later you can get serious step up in sound quality but at the price of serious cash - also as mentioned above it is the case with most of totl Hps
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  10. forestitalia
    Stax 404 seems an old lambda, it would be interesting compare the entry level Stax L300, possibly with D50/D10 amplifier.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2019
  11. Ithilstone
    404 are the last stax i know very well as i had them for long time - after that i gave up on electrostatics and bought HE6
    I did listen to different stax every now and then but only during shows or meets so not long enough to compare from memory.

    I agree it would be better to compare to more modern ones - I will try to find someone local with a system like that
  12. biscottino
    Jade2 sounds great with Stax d10.:ksc75smile:
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  13. forestitalia
    Happy to read that, Jade is on its way :package:
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  14. phaeton70
    a quick comment on something that I noted since the beginning, but only today had the time to explore indeep, the piano reproduction. just a word: incredible. very rarely (maybe never) I have heard such an immersive, musical, intense reproduction of this very complex musical instrument. a really great performance.
    ps I'm using the KG GG with JJ 6CA7 tubes.
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  15. antdroid
    I received the Jade II from the Loaner Tour a couple days ago but been so busy at work, I havent had much time to post impressions or listen to it yet. I did put in a little bit of time on it so far and my first shock was how large and heavy the Amplifier is. It's built like a tank and looks rather nice. And then you have the actual Jade II headphone which is super light and actually pretty comfortable to wear despite me not liking the same headband style with the Sundara.

    Anyway, I found the bass to be a bit missing and the upper midrange to be a bit too sharp and elevated in my initial listening, however the resolution is nice. It does seem to work well with some genres better than others. I'd like to give it more time to really provide a more thorough review.
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