Jabra Halo2 Portable headphones. How do they compare to the traditional choices?
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Dec 6, 2011
Hey there Head-Fi!
I'm looking for something portable to play on my Galaxy SII around or below the 70 euro mark (Netherlands). I already own a pair of Sennheiser HD598's on my PC, so it will only be used on my phone. I listen to a wide variety of music, From Rock/Pop/Club to the occasional Vocal/Instrumental track, but also for watching videos and gaming.
I've been looking at the Jabra Halo2 for a bit, and I quite like the design and functionality of them, and they've been given quite good scores by off-site reviewers. Still, I don't want to jump the gun and regret it later. I've already looked through the "Shootout 102 Portable headphones" and the "IEM" variant of it, but I'm looking for more opinions on which headphone will fit my taste the most.

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