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Jaben Perth

  1. Taylorize
    I have been purchasing from Jaben stores in Singapore, Malaysia and Melbourne and I was pleasantly surprised that they just set up a store in Perth as well. As I happened to be in Perth last week, I decided to drop by their Hay Street store last week to checked it out. I am happy to say that they have managed to replicate the signature Jaben style of friendly service in their latest store. Their range of products was very impressive as well. I was especially impressed by the wide range of headphones and iems available for auditioning. These are all mounted on the walls for customers to try without hassle. This must be great news for folks in WA who have been lamenting the lack of a proper headfi store in their neck of the woods.
    For those who are interested, their details are in their website: http://jabenperth.com/
  2. vishnu16
    I'm glad i dropped in by their shop last Tuesday i was able to audition the JH13 and JH16 Pro unlucky for my wallet though as i decided to order my first CIEM [​IMG].....

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