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Jaben is now in Australia! Beyerdynamic DT880 bundle at almost 50% off!

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  1. Jaben Australia
    Congratulations to Brooko, the winner of last week's FAD Piano Forte II draw!
    Our bundle this week is a good one, we've just gotten Beyerdynamic onboard and thought we'd celebrate with a special bundle!

    Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro+ Go-Vibe Peak+ Crossroads Metal Stand for AU$458 (RRP $873)

    Only a limited number is available so get in quick!

    And a $99 Hippo bundle if you'd like to test the waters
    Hippo Boom+ Hippo White+ Hippo Box+ Portable Amplifier (RRP $178 now $99)
    Find them here: http://www.jaben.com.au/categories/Bundles-and-Specials/
    All prices are in AUD and includes GST and shipping Australia-wide.
    Shipping to New Zealand and other countries are only a few dollars extra!
    Also join our facebook page for a chance to win a little something!

  2. crayonhead
    Nevermind. :D ohwell, good luck
    Still. FIRST POST. :D
  3. olor1n
    Yep, count me in.
  4. xAnaB0LiCx
    count me in too [​IMG]
  5. Brooko Contributor
    Yep count me in
    Wish I could afford to get to the Sydney meet this year ...... another time I guess.
  6. trex998
    count me in[​IMG]
  7. TekeRugburn
    woohoo! count me in!
  8. fatthumb
    I'm happy for Jaben too [​IMG] Count me in! [​IMG]
  9. Townyj
    Such good news about the store opening :D
  10. fleaz
    count me in
  11. wilzc
    Count me in!! Count.... ME... IN!!!!
  12. Ra97oR
    I loved the Jaben Hong Kong store, looking forward to see them again this summer. I spent a few days there last summer when they first opened, hopefully it won't be as empty now though. Glad to know Australia is getting it too.

    Don't count me in just posting there to add a few words how Jaben is. :p
  13. MomijiTMO Contributor
    Great to see more companies coming to Aus.
  14. chinesekiwi
    yay for a comp just for us!
  15. rroseperry
    count me in and I wish I were in Australia
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