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J Sound Lab Headphone with K702?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by farnsworth, Apr 18, 2010.
  1. Farnsworth
    I've been looking for a tube amp for my K702 and thought i was set in getting a WA6 until i found this on ebay. It seems fit to drive the K702's, low load impedance and all, but i really havent heard anyone talk about it here. I know skylab has one but thats it.

    So i am looking for someone with experience with it to give me their two cents about it and whether it may be a good fit for my K702's.

  2. Farnsworth
    Anyone with a J. Sound Lab Headphone amp?
  3. Farnsworth
    OK, i am going to order one tomorrow. Ill be sure to share my experience with when i get it.
  4. vvaffles
    bold, going tube for the k70x will eying your impressions as im intrested in a tube amp as well to drive the hf2s and the 701s
  5. Farnsworth
    What intrigued me about it was the 32-64 Ohms load impedance. I guess i'll see whether its a good fit for my 702's.
  6. vvaffles
    assuming you are running your maverick as DAC we have an extremely similar setup
  7. Farnsworth
    very similar indeed, however i just sold my maverick D1 to fund buying this amp. so hopefully that wasn't a poor decision. Only time will tell.[​IMG]
  8. Skylab Contributor
    I just saw this, but I really can't help - I've never tried it with the K702. The J Sound Lab is quite warm sounding, and so if you think the K702 could use a little warmth, it might well be a good match, although it's impossible to say without trying it.
  9. Farnsworth
    Thanks for the info. A little warmth would be a welcome change for my 702's.[​IMG]

    Can i ask what headphones you have used it with Skylab? and if its a good low impedance amp?

    I just ordered it in champaign and 120v. I figured ill take a risk and try it out and if its not right i can always replace it.

  10. Skylab Contributor
    I liked it a lot with my DT770/600. There was hum with the JVC DX1000 for whatever reason, but it was too warm sounding for them anyway. Also pretty nice with the low-impedance Denon D7000.
  11. Farnsworth
    Thanks Skylab. [​IMG]

    I've been searching around and havent found anything on this amp aside from seeing it some head-fier's sigs. It seems like a nice enough amp and the people have been very responsive. I just hope its a good fit.

    I'll try and post my thoughts on it but my experience is limited so it might not be all that useful.
  12. Farnsworth
    Update: It finally arrived![​IMG] It did however arrive with a big scratch on the transformer enclosure. I contacted them about it so i'll see how they go about it. Despite this i am quite pleased.
    Strait out of the box its working quite well with my K702's. It adds that extra little bit of warmth that the K70X's need. But the biggest and most noticeable improvement is the added bass. It doesn't turn the 702's into a basshead phone but it definitely gives the k702's a nice strong bass. It doesnt muddy the bass at all, just bumps it up.
    I'll post some more thoughts when i have had time to let it burn in and hive it a good listen. Perhaps a full review.
    I will add some pics tomorrow when i have some better light because it is quite a nice looking amp.
  13. Toob-Toob
    I see they now have an OTL 32-600 ohm version with 6DJ8/6922/7308's for $299 (or was it available when you chose yours?) Do you know where their amps are made? Israel or China or ...?

  14. Farnsworth
    Yes, I was looking at the OTL version as well. It wasn't available when i bought mine but i am now considering trying it out. 
    The amps are handmade to order in Israel and shipped direct, which is nice. It took mine only a few days to be made and they had it shipped out within the week. 
    They also have FANTASTIC customer service and are extremely nice and responsive. As i mentioned my amp arrived with a scratch on the transistor housing but they were kind enough to send me out an additional housing free of charge.
    Let me know if you have any more questions. I would be happy to answer them.
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  15. Skylab Contributor
    Farnsworth - congrats.  I think the version you have is a better choice for the K70x than the OTL version would be. 
    Now you need to get some Mullard CV4024's to use [​IMG]  (assuming you got the 12AT7 version)

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