I've narrowed down a list of monitors. Can anybody give me some input?
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Looks like the Fiio E17 with an add on of Fiio L7 might work for both your head phones and your speakers. 
see this thread. 
that + the HOSA CMP-159 would allow you to connect your speakers to the Fiio when you're at home and when you're on the go plug the headphones into the E17 with the LOD dongle. 
I don't know schiit about schiit but i've heard good things too. advantage of the Fiio E17 is the portability.
you keeping up with all of this :) used to be all German to me but I'm starting to understand the audiophile language. 
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An audio interface box. Probably will cost quite a bit more than I was looking at. Hmm. How much sound degradation are we talking about if I use the RCA to 6.3mm, as opposed to the interface?
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the DAC, Adapter and cable. Or you could try out your speakers with the current sound card you have, if they sound like crap then get the DAC and adapter + cable, but if they sound great to you then you've avoided spending $100+ on a DAC + accessories.  
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And as long as the distance is short between the speakers, and from the speaker to my computer.... there shouldn't be much noise, and any degradation of sound that is noticeable.
Welp... Looks like I 100% need a DAC because there is 0 ways of hooking these to my computer otherwise. Unless I do a super cheaper adapter that will probably not work worth a crap.
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With the JBL's you can plug them directly into your computers sound card using the HOSA CMP159 cable (or the shorter CMP153 version) and you'll get sound.
that cable will get you the 2 1/4" ends (TRS) and the 1 3.5mm end which is what would connect to your computer.

If you decide to get a DAC, assuming you're looking at the E17 which I recommend as a start given that you can also take it with on the go with your head phones and IPOD + better sound at home, then the above mentioned cable will also work if you get the FIIO L7 adapter as that will then allow you connect to your computer using a USB cable to the E17 (via the L7) and then the line out (using the CMP159/153) to your speakers.
p.s pretty sure usb cable comes with E17 so no need to buy one.


suggested option 1.
Hosa CMP159 or CMP 153 cable.

Suggestied option 2. (cause it will sound better + drive your headphones better at home/on the go)
Hosa CMP159 or CMP 153 cable depending on length you want.
+ FIIO L9 (to connect the E17 to your ipod))

As i've mentioned before, you can always go with option 1 and you WILL get sound to your speakers and then later add on the FIIO E17 and L7 to get better sound + a portable AMP for your headphones/IPOD

As for distance 3 feet(CMP 153) or 10 feet(CMP159 ) you shouldn't get a noticible difference in sound quality so might as well go with the CMP159 to make sure the cable can make it to your computer/DAC + reach your speakers.

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