I've been lurking for a year, here's my first real thread.
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Apr 2, 2013
Hi all, I'm in desperate need of assistance. Please take some time to read this, I would GREATLY appreciate it.
This is a short story about my journey into head-fi so far and where I'm at now and why I need you.
A little background about myself and audio
I am new to the world of headphone audio, although I've been a music lover since a very young age.
The only experience I have with headphones is a Sennheiser HD555 that is connected directly to my computer.
My car's audio system is decent with a 13.5" JL W7 in the back, pretty SQ sub + speaker replacements, etc.
The dilemma
Essentially, I am afraid I am going to put 1,500$ into head-fi (planned on getting the Audeze LCD-2 + o2/odac) and end up disappointed.
I am a bass lover as well; not quantity, but quality. The main thing holding me back is the "Fazor" addition to the LCD-2's, which has many saying that the LCD-2 has lost its signature deep bass extension (35 hz and below).
I contacted Audeze directly to inquire about the bass extension on the Fazor after reading/researching for months now. I actually emailed them twice, from 2 different accounts, many weeks apart. I received the same exact email in return to both of my accounts. It seems they have a copy/paste ready for people with bass questions about the Fazor series; they must receive a lot of them. In essence, they dismissed the blogs and Tyll's review of the Fazor vs non-Fazor and flat out said "they're wrong". Also, the Audeze rep said that most music doesn't go below 40 Hz anyways. This seemed to be quite a ridiculous response as I have thousands of songs that go below 40 Hz and hundreds that go below 30 Hz. I also produce my own music that uses very deep tones as well. Here was the exact wording, "Another point to consider is that with digital recordings, there is NO information below 40Hz (unless specifically recorded AND mastered)." The whole email honestly upset me. They continued to tell me about how Fazor didn't affect the bass, but when you look at the FR charts / read reviews / read posts from 95% of the head-fi community they all tell a very different story. 
So, I'm now at the point where I think I've done all the research I could have done. I've literally spent a year on these forums, I've read both LCD threads in full, I've compared the Frequency Response charts from the months/years to try to decide what version would be best to my liking. I honestly don't know where to go from here. My other issue is the classic o2+odac vs Lyr Soloist V200 <insert amp name here>. There are honestly so many threads and so many supporters for each side that it is IMPOSSIBLE to discover the truth without your own blind A/B testing. 
So I guess this all leads me to one point, I can't buy head-fi until I try head-fi. There are simply way too many contradicting statements to ever make an intelligent decision.
So, where can one go to try out headphones/amps/dacs in NJ or NY (preferably northern NJ).
If you took the time to read this and have any comments, advice, or answers about any of the topics above or where I can try head-fi, please share.
TL:DR -- Upset with all the contradicting statements everywhere about headphones/amps etc. Where can I tryout headphones/amps/dacs in NJ/NY?
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I've heard that Stereo Exchange on Broadway in NYC has the Audezes that you can listen to.  Since those are high on your list, it might be worth the trip.
Unfortunately, no one can say if a particular headphone will give you the sound that you're expecting.  So yes, there's no substitute for a personal audition.
Local headphone meets are wonderful.  Check http://www.head-fi.org/f/24/local-regional-head-fi-meets-parties-get-togethers to see if there have been any meets in NJ and try to contact the organizers.  Or if there's no activity, you could post an" interest check" to see if other like-minded enthusiasts would like to meet up.  Sometimes you can find arrange a meeting space in the public library or at a local community center.
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  The O2/ODAC combo seems like something that would fit for a starter audiophile headphone, not for a $1,000+ headphone.
Maybe it is the amp/dac?

This is exactly the point. The o2/odac is cheap therefore some will say it is not up to par with better amps. And then there are the nwavguy supporters who claim to have o2/odac and have compared it with 1000$+ amp/dacs and have said they hardly hear a difference, if there is any at all.
This is possibly one of the most debated things on the head-fi forums as far as my research goes.
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strreamix, you've probably come across this term at least once or twice in your lurking adventures, but I'm going to bring it up just because I wish someone had told me when I was a noob to end all noobs.  

You can use specifications to determine a fair amount of driveability when pairing headphones and amps.  But because amps are voiced differently, there's absolutely no telling whether you will enjoy a specific pairing outside of actually auditioning it.  Well, that's not exactly true... if you find an experienced Head-Fier that hears similarly to you, and who has the same preferences, their recommendations can get you pretty far.  But as you might imagine, that's not the easiest thing to find in such a large community.
Anyway, my point is, being able try gear with other gear will give you more info than reviews or impressions ever will, because auditions trump everything.  So, like others before me, I would HEAVILY suggest that you attend a meet or show of some kind.  It helps.  A lot!  

The problem here is that the NY meet just passed a little while ago - and I don't think the next one is scheduled to come around until the Fall.  Can you wait that long before having to make a decision?
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Thanks for the reply warren. I agree the auditioning is key; although I am unsure I will have access to a meet even if one occurs. 
You spoke about preferences, mine is simple. I am looking for an amp/dac for an LCD-2 Rev 2 that will provide thunderous, tight, controlled, DEEP bass. 
My primary concern is an accurate representation of 20-40 Hz. Atm, I am leaning to towards the o2+odac because I've heard time and time again that it performs as well as 1,000$ amps. Although, I've heard many say it doesn't as well. There is no substitute for auditioning; I guess I am just looking for fresh opinions on the topic.

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