iTunes/Windows settings for AIFF music playback?
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May 15, 2015
This is the first time I have attempted to listen to high bitrate AIFF format music through iTunes and I was hoping someone could shed some light on a few things for me.
1. My current DAC (Schiit Modi 1) only handles bitrates up to 24/96. I have a few songs I downloaded from HDTracks that are a higher bitrate than what my DAC can handle. Does the DAC just downsample the song when this happens?
2. In iTunes, I can manually change the audio output bitrate. If my music changes from say 24/192, to 24/96, do I need to manually change the output settings between songs?
3. Is the sound quality from an AIFF format noticeably better than your typical downloads from iTunes? I noticed that a few of the sample AIFF songs I downloaded were 500+ MB in size versus the usualy ~10MB songs from iTunes.

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