iTunes music on a Synology NAS configuration and performance
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Jan 19, 2008
I know there have been dozens of topics about this, but I am unable to find a clear answer regarding a few specific details. My goal is to store my entire iTunes media library on my Synology NAS device such that I can access it anywhere via Plex and safe space on my local hard disk (macbook air). For my first attempt, I created a new library on my NAS device and then added all my music (via iTunes automatic add folder). This created the media library structures on the NAS and also the iTunes library files on the NAS. Unfortunately, when I run iTunes from my macbook scrolling/browsing can be a little slow/choppy as it tries to load album art, metadata, etc.
The macbook air is connected via wifi (300mbps N connection)
The synology is hardwired to my router (gigabit connection)
So my questions are:
1. Where should the iTunes database files reside for best performance? For ease, I know they should reside on the NAS, but if I do decide to store the library database files locally on my laptop, how can I keep everything in sync? Potentially, there will be multiple users using the same media folder on the NAS
2. Is there an alternative to iTunes that handles music stored on a NAS better? Plex works great for iOS devices but it is not my favorite desktop solution
3. Any other suggestions?

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