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Itunes/amazon aac file problems!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by karnitool12, Aug 3, 2011.
  1. Karnitool12
    So I own the ATH m50s and klipsch s4s.  At first I thought my m50s were bad because they crackled during louder moments in songs especially during tom hits on the drums and held out bass hits.  When I got them repaired they sent them back and said they were fine. I still get that effect sometimes and its annoying.  But what I noticed is that some of my aac files are just damaged, when comparing it to hq tracks on itunes or cd.  And im almost positive its not the headphones because it happens at the same points in songs and with both head phones but my m50s still seem to be sensitive to crackling. Are the m50s too powerful to be run through a laptop or ipod nano?
  2. Karnitool12
    Ok and im almost sure I dont need an amp to drive them but seriously what should I do get a new pair? leave itunes and convert to flac??
  3. Austin Morrow
    Don't leave iTunes unless you have all the music you want on CD and have the time and memory to rip, burn, and convert to FLAC (not in iTunes) or ALAC (in iTunes) Hmm, that seems very weird. So, it only makes a clicking noise on lower quality tracks? That seems very weird, I have never heard anything like that....
  4. LegendaryLvl1


    I assume that you're using an onboard soundcard?
  5. Karnitool12
    Im very new to this but is that the soundcard that came with the laptop?
  6. LegendaryLvl1


    Yeah it is.
    If you do have an onboard soundcard, it might be the problem.
    Try purchasing a CHEAP cd player. Put a CD (with the same song) into the player and listen to them with your M50's. If there's no cracking, obviously it's a problem with your hardware.

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