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It's 2013, who still like their EP-630?

  1. whoelse
    I have a few IEMs, TF10, MT, RE0, 300SL and the cheap SHE3590 but somehow IEM is not my cup of tea. While the TF10 is quite good it is hugh so I sold them, the RE0 even though is not the best have special place in me. I think it is quite special and since all these IEMs, I have move on to headphones (HD650/SRH840/MS2i) and they are really what I want in term of comfort and sound quality. So I am not a IEM person. I got the cheap SHE3590 mainly for sleep if I need to isolate noisy from children running around the house.
    Yesterday while walking in a electronics store, I saw a shelf displaying some Creative IEMs and the EP-650 kind of good looking. The small size is probably good for what I use the SHE3590 for and might be a good IEM to use in the library. Being Singaporean (Creative is a Singapore company), I pick one even I know they were old technology previously highly recommended by people to replace their ibuds or first IEM.
    Initially I wanted to go for the EP-630 since they are the cheapest but they were out of store so I went for the EP-650 instead for few dollars more. Actually the EP-630 looks kind of ugly but the chrome EP-650 is actually quite good looking :)
    The build is OK, the cable is definitely better than the SHE3590 and maybe better build too. I never think the cheap SHE3590 is badly build and infact being cheap and plastic it is actually very well made.
    Sound - It is actually one of the most colored IEM I ever had (the MT is quite colored too), it is well tuned for modern music and I feel that everything was boosted artificially like someone have SQ for all 3 frequency. It is highly efficient too, I have to keep lowering down my volume control so they should be very will match to use on modern MP3 player. I guess that is what they were build for. This is my first impression when I first listen to them. I do my usual routine by blasting them with "Metalica" album full volume for next 10 hours. The heavy metal Metalica is my preferred burn in tracks than pink or white noise.
    The burn in does smooth out rough edges while it remain very colored, they are quite listenable. They are maybe lacking a little bit on the treble, overall mid centric base is OK not the cleanest but doable. I am sure there are many better IEMs at similar price but these thing are really comfortable to wear. They might be out of fashion after many new IEMs were introduce but they are not bad at all. I always like to think as long as they allow me to enjoy my music without wanting to remove them due to comfort or music fatigue the IEM does it intended purpose and many at times, it depends on pairing of other equipment and the music taste of every individual.
    Closing - If you want a comfortable, cheap and good looking IEM, pick them up!
  2. Senpai3330
    I still hand out my old EP-630s to friends whose Skullcandies break (...all the time).
  3. billliu
    I've owned the EP-630 for more than 5 years and I still love it!
    I also bought EP-830 about two years ago.
    These two IEMs have somewhat different sound signature although the driver may be the same.
    For basshead, EP-630 is suggested!
    Both were of great C/P values and very durable, although the treble and soundstage were limited to some extent.
    I've once dropped by accident my EP-630 into some drink and everything turned out not to be damaged...
    I recommend the pink-colored EP-630 to my girlfriend who just listens to music casually.
    After these years having listened hundred of headphones, I understand costly ones do not equal good sound.
    If you don't want to spend a lot money like so-called audiophiles, EP-630 is highly recommended.

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