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Issues with loging in and cookies on mobile Firefox

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by hAbIrAbI, Nov 3, 2019.
  1. hAbIrAbI
    I am currently trying to log into head-fi on my cell phone on mobile Firefox but I always get the message "Cookies are required to log in to this site. You will not be able to log in until they are accepted."

    That message would be all fine if there was an actual way to accept cookies. The message regarding site cookies at the bottom has no button to accept. It says that by using the site I accept the usage of cookies. That's fine but it still won't let me log in.

    OS: Android 9
    Browser: Firefox for Android 68.2.0

    On my desktop it works just fine.
    OS Windows 10
    Browser: Firefox 70.0.1

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