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Isone Pro - the best thing you could ever get for your headphones on your computer

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by lunatique, Feb 22, 2010.
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  1. crisnee
    Actually, I was using eq with the AD900s before ever using TB_Isone, because the phones have a too prominent high frequency response for me, particularly for classical music. So I just naturally kept it inline when I added TB. Anyway, I'll definitely take a closer listen to see what the differences are without it.
    Having said that, I thought someone very early in this thread highly recommended using an EQ with TB_Isone, and even recommended certain settings for some of his phones, but I could be completely misremembering or confusing this with another thread.
  2. Chodi
    What sounds good or right to you is a very personal thing. Isone cannot compensate for the equipment in your chain. I use T1's now, but I have been through a lot of headphones and I would agree with you that selecting a headphone that sounds good to you is a critical starting point. Isone is not magic. If you put together a system that you really like then Isone can bring that final level of realism. It sure works for me.
  3. crisnee
    Agreed about it being a personal thing. However, I don't want any program to change the general characteristic of my system (unless of course I don't like my system). And TB_Isone doesn't do that if used correctly--so that's good.
    As to using an EQ with it. I messed around with and without EasyQ for quite a while and came to some conclusions. I don't think using EasyQ is inherently a bad thing, but I think you have to be careful with it, particularly when it comes to the high frequencies. Why? Because, at least in the settings I used, TB seems to attenuate the highs, or at least give that impression. IOW my AD900s sounded less balanced toward the highs than without TB in line.
    On the other hand I also use modded Fostex phones, and they sounded a bit boomy and bass heavy with TB in line and using EasyQ to attenuate the bass helped restore their signature sound while adding the positive effects of TB.
  4. crisnee
    Double Post
  5. crisnee
    Double Post
  6. fmzip
    Does anyone have a link as to where to download the old Isone Pro?
  7. DarKen23
    There isn't a reason you should use the old and inferior version over the newest one. Just use the most recent one.
  8. Chodi
    PM Sent
    I agree completely.
  9. fmzip
    Thanks for your point of views. I'd like to simply hear for myself if one sounds better than the other as other posters have stated in this thread that the prior one was superior.
    I understand to each their own, I'd like to decide for myself.
    I've already been provided with a link in a PM
  10. mkeroppi
    I'm trying to create the room as defined by ITU 1116-1 (http://www.spsc.tugraz.at/sites/default/files/PA_Sereinig_A_Standardized_Listening_Room.pdf)
    So far I have figured out the following values:
    distance: 2m
    size: 100% (what is this in room volume?)
    ER: 63% (=10db attenuation?)
    diffusion: 100% (not in standard?)
    T60: 0.25s (seems a little low to me using the reference room of 100m^3)
    HRTF strength: 50% (1.2m=ear height when sitting down, so basically ear height)
    ear/head size: personal (see manual on calibration)
    Correct/comments? T60 seems low to me as stated...
    Forgot about the speaker settings:
    flat EQ (I use the Etymotic ER-4B earphones)
    tweeter size: 2cm (standard?)
    speaker angle: 30deg
    another thought: 0.25s seems the threshold for not changing the acoustic character of the sound (clarity), which makes sense for the standard...does it make sense to simulate a reference studio room for music production?
    update: this setting + a smile EQ sounds right (the Hi-fi speaker preset)...so seems to be on the right track...
  11. Chodi
    Frankly I think it's all about what sounds good to you. Trying to follow the guide you posted in using Isone would drive me nuts. I have owned most versions of Isone including the latest and I find that their guide is only useful as a starting point for beginners. There is painfully little explanation as to what each of these controls actually do and how they interact with each other. I have found some very good settings that work for me after having extensive experience with the program. In the end it's all about getting things so that they sound natural to me. There is no one right setting for everyone. I think it also has a lot to do with how the program interacts with your specific system and headphones. I find if I change headphones I need to change settings to get what I want. No problem, I save different settings for different applications so I am ready to go with one click. I love Isone and could not live without it for headphones.
  12. DarKen23
    +1, I absolutely agree. Isone takes time, attempting to achieve the 'right' sound in a matter of 1-2hrs would only cause frustration. I found myself making small adjustments after long periods of listening, after 1-2 weeks. Eventually you'll achieve your ideal sound.

    While everyone has their preference in terms of sonic character, sharing your own setting as well as applying other users setting also help me a lot in achieving what I wanted.
  13. mkeroppi

    What I'm trying to do is simulating the reference room as defined by 1116-1. I don't know if anybody else has try to do that here.
  14. theoctavist
    the isone setup guide is to the point, gets the job done. dont really understand what else one needs?
    posting others settings? dont see the point.  we all have different head sizes/shapes/headphones.  even using others setup as a starting point. it makes no sense.
    start with all values at zero and calibrate to your specific acoustics, cans, etc.
    i use it in jriver.    wont use headphones without it now.
    (unless it is a recording made for cans)
  15. brunk
    LCD-2 owner by chance? [​IMG] Just kidding, TB Isone is great for a lot of cans after proper setup.
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