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Isone Pro - the best thing you could ever get for your headphones on your computer

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by lunatique, Feb 22, 2010.
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  1. Chodi
    When I got the message from Jeroen, the designer of Isone, he said he had little experience with J River. A little over an hour ago I decided to go back to Foobar using the new 3.01 Isone for the first time. Wow!! Hands down it is obvious that Jeroen used Foobar to tune his new version of Isone. The presets work as they should but much more important the sound is glorious. When I was using an old version of Isone with Foobar I felt that J River had a slight edge so I switched over to J River completely. Now with this new 3.01 version Foobar is clearly better. Try it for yourself and I bet you agree. I will be using J River only for Movies and video from now on (I like the surround sound in J River for movies with headphones).
  2. DarKen23
    Funny, when I actually first tried TB_Isone, it was with Foobar, at the time I also thought that the sound was amazing. Maybe ill try foobar again using the newest version of TB_Isone.
  3. crisnee
    I will try it, thanks. And JRiver is annoying that way (re your other post); they act like they're better than everyone else, and they don't like anyone to hint that something they have isn't as good as Tb-Isone for instance. 
  4. crisnee
    Hi Chodi, sorry to bother you but....
    I can't figure out how to install TB_Isone into Foobar2000. It seems like it should be simple, but it doesn't show up as a choice under components when I choose install, and I tried copying the .dll into the Foobar components folder but that didn't work either, so I've run out of ideas. Do you have any thoughts?
    I downloaded the latest stable version 1.2.9, and am working with that.
  5. Chodi
    Chris, here is your solution:
    Follow the instructions it's easy. Then you choose George Yohngs wrapper in foobar components. A vst icon will appear in your task bar every time you load Foobar. Just set that to select/point to the location of your Isone program and you're done. You control Isone from the vst Icon to bring it up whenever you want.
  6. kalston
    http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=84947 I prefer this simple plugin to use VSTs in foobar. No icon in the taskbar, you just do everything from foobar's preferences window. 
  7. Chodi
    I was going to suggest that one also but some people have reported problems with it dropping out. I never tried it myself. It may work great now, but you are right, there are two vst wrappers that work with foobar.
  8. kalston
    I mostly use JRIver MC 18 but I never had any issues with it on foobar. 
  9. crisnee
    Hey, thanks a lot guys. I got TB_Isone working with Foobar, with your help. I haven't compared the sound with JRiver yet, but will report back if I notice any significant difference.
  10. brunk
    Please do report back, I am curious if there really is a significant change using foobar for TB Isone vs JRMC. Thanks.
  11. crisnee
    Ok, I did one relatively short test of JRMC vs. Foobar re TB_Isone. I also used EasyQ in both (a great little PEQ) and Audio Technica AD900s as phones. The music was piano, bass and drums with lots of well recorded cymbals.
    I used only the "Average Joe" setting in TB_Isone, and tried to match up the volume as well as I could by ear.
    I switched TB in and out a bit and noticed that the sound of the cymbals was affected quite a bit and in the same way in both Foobar and JRMC. I changed the tweeter and width setting slightly to see if that would affect the highs, if it did, it did so very subtly.
    As to a difference between JRMC and Foobar in this rough and imprecise test; no significant difference (if any) that I could detect. Nor did I have one of those feelings that one sounded better than the other.
    If I find the desire to do a more in depth test anytime soon, I'll report back.
  12. DarKen23
    I'm currently running JRMC19 using "Foobar_dsd_ASIO" as the playback. Don't know if that helps anyone or if it has anything to do with TB_Isone at all, just thought I'd throw it out there.
  13. Chodi
    In my experience using any eq dsp along with TB Isone really messes up Isone. I would be interested in your impression without adding EasyQ (I am familiar with that dsp).
  14. crisnee
    I was planning to do that (and have in the past but didn't do it carefully enough so didn't come to any real conclusions). I've also switched the order, not much difference there. 
    In the mean time, how did it mess up Isone in your system? IOW, what sonic problems did it create?
  15. Chodi
    In my experience trying exactly the same thing I found that it destroyed the tonal accuracy and compressed the sound causing what us old folks remember as the DBX expander effect where various tonal values are compressed or expanded unnaturally. It was, in my opinion just plain bad. It is possible to get some eq effect from Isone by moving the frequency curve. I frankly have not felt the need to add any eq. If you are experiencing some unpleasant or unnatural eq with Isone you probably have the Isone controls too far out of adjustment. Try using the natural crossfeed preset with or without CSC engaged to see if things sound natural. In that position it should clearly maintain the sound signature of your headphones and amp. If that does sound as it should then you can begin tuning the rest (HRTF). Using the room setting will add eq, it is supposed to do that to simulate various room acoustics. The room acoustics can be very useful in creating a natural sound depending on your source material. That is the value of being able to create your own presets.
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